Zlatan Ibrahimovic Set For US Move?

Last Updated: February 1, 2018

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Ever since Zlatan’s knee ligament injury last year, many have asked if his time as one of football’s leading strikers has finally come to an end. Sparked by people’s doubts, the 36-year-old hit the gym and managed to recover in record breaking fashion. Zlatan was back in first team action the very same year. Perhaps a bit shaky at first, he seemed to improve game by game and even scored a stunning freekick against Bristol City.

However, shortly thereafter Zlatan once again found himself outside of the starting lineup, followed by rumours that maybe he no longer has the quality to consistently perform at the very highest level. After weeks of silence and cryptic messages from Man United coach, Mourinho, fans were as clueless as ever regarding Zlatans to be, or not to be. In the weeks to come, Mourinho finally revealed that Zlatan had indeed been injured again and will be back in action in February.

After signing signed Alexis Sanchez this January however, Zlatan’s future seems more unpredictable than ever and it’s still anyone’s guess what happens next. Is Sanchez simply the kind of player that United have been missing all along, or has he been brought on board to replace Zlatan Ibrahimovic?

Ever since his rise to football super-stardom, Zlatan has been incredibly ambitious in his endeavours, both on and off the pitch. Therefore, it’s been rumored for long that one day he will set to end his career in the US, taking their national league to the next level, both in terms of footballing quality and reputation.

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On January 29th, Sweden’s leading sports newspaper, Sportbladet, reported that negotiations with Los Angeles Galaxy have reached its final stages and a Zlatan-move might be imminent!

Zlatan has always said that he wants to end his career whilst still being on top and many may wonder if this kind of move fits that bill. Whether these rumours are true or not, one thing is certain; Zlatan will always choose his own path, and for now, only he knows where it leads!

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