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Why You Need Lots Of Bookie Accounts
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Why You Need Lots Of Bookie Accounts

Whether you’re a professional gambler or just a casual punter, the chances are you could do with more bookmaker accounts.

That’s because bookie accounts are like good friends: you can never have too many of them. By opening as many accounts with different bookies as you possibly can, you can massively increase your range of betting options and, in turn, boost your return on investment.

Signing up to multiple bookies might sound complicated, but sooner or later checking the odds on a handful of websites will become second nature, and you’ll be able to take advantage of the best odds going for all of your bets.

The Importance Of Shopping Around

Signing up to multiple bookies is a little like spreading our your weekly shop over a few different supermarkets.
Why buy your milk from the shop on the corner for £2 if you can pop into the shop next door and buy it for £1?
Likewise, you may find that the first shop sells toothpaste cheaper, and a third shop has the cheapest prices on apples.

See what we’re getting at? With just a little extra time, shopping around for the best prices (or odds, in the case of our bookies) will save you money and can increase your return on investment substantially. Placing bets with bookies offering suboptimal bets is tantamount to throwing your money down the drain – so don’t do it.

Small Differences Add Up

The odds you’re given by different bookies won’t vary wildly: Bet365 aren’t going to offer you 100/1 on a bet that William Hill offered 10/1 on, for example.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth the extra hassle of signing up for a new account – and it’s important to emphasise here that we’re using ‘hassle’ ironically, because signing up for new bookie accounts takes very little time at all, and most of the time you’ll receive sign-up bonuses and deals too.

If you follow professional tipsters, you’re probably already used to seeing your betting activities through a long-term lens: we’re all playing the long game here. Small losses and losing streaks mustn’t be taken too seriously, as long as overall profits are good.

Well, opening accounts with multiple bookies for better odds can be seen in the same light: even these small differences in returns will add up substantially over the long term.

Let’s take an example. Say you’re considering placing a bet with BetBright, who are offering odds of 10/3 (or 4.33), but you notice that Betway are offering the same bet with odds of 7/2 (or 4.5). This might not sound like a huge difference, but by taking these lower odds just 20 times – which is easily done in a matter of days or weeks for a semi-professional gambler – and betting €10 each time, you will suffer a total loss of €34.

Obviously, the difference increases over time as you place more bets (or if you bet higher amounts). In short: it all adds up.

Make The Most Of Free Money

In the same vein, those bonuses and free bets that most bookmakers offer to new players shouldn’t be sniffed at. While they’re usually only one-time offers intended to attract new customers, you can make those free bets count and make a tidy profit in the meantime.

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Considering how quick it is to sign up for a new bookie account, the profits you can make from sign-up deals can easily pay for the time you spent opening your new account and then some.

Keep A Low Profile

Having accounts with multiple bookies will also help you to fly under the radar when you’re enjoying a winning streak. As most punters now know, bookmakers may alter the odds for gamblers doing too well, making it harder and harder to take a good profit home.

By spreading your bets out among multiple bookies with different accounts, you’re making fewer bets with each bookmaker and keeping a lower profile, making it less likely that you’ll get flagged up on the bookmakers’ systems as someone to watch.

Essential Bookies To Sign-Up With

There are a ton of bookmakers operating both on the high street and online, and the internet makes it very easy to source and sign up with them.

Here’s a short and by no means comprehensive list of some bookies that we at Betting Gods recommend you sign up with; all of these bookies offer competitive odds regularly, and should be seen as essential for all serious and semi-serious punters.


A global online gaming company founded in 2006, Betway’s brands include Betway Sportsbook, Betway Casino, Betway Vegas, Betway Bingo and Betway Poker. In 2015, Betway made a world record for paying out €17,879,645 to a UK punter who struck lucky with an online slot machine – not a bad track record.


One of the leading British online bookmakers, Bet365 have been offering great odds since being founded way back in 2000. Bet365 are a good option for punters looking to have a flutter in both horse racing and sports betting, and will frequently be the bookie offering the best odds in these categories.


As well as offering fixed odds betting via its Sportsbook, Betfair is also the world’s largest betting exchange platform. Founded in 2000 and claiming to have over four million customers, Betfair is certainly doing something right and is not one to miss.

William Hill

A brand that you’re just as likely to stumble upon down the high street as online, William Hill was established in 1934, when gambling was actually illegal in Britain – very cheeky. William Hill is a trusted name in British gambling, and they continue to offer bonuses and deals to customers beyond initial sign-ups.


An old hand in the field of online gambling, Unibet have been on the scene since 1997 and are known for offering bets on a wide range of sports. They also offer great live odds, if that’s your thing.


Also dating from 1997, SportingBet is another British gambling company which often offers good odds, as well as some of the best football promotions in the business. SportingBet is definitely one to watch for footie fans.

Winner Sports

Winner have been around since 2011, and aside from yielding competitive odds in a range of sports they also stand out by keeping up a continuous offering of promotions and bonuses for punters who like to take advantage of such bets – which should be all of us, because free money is free money, after all.

Signing up to a handful of different bookmakers is all in a day’s work, but this small adjustment can significantly increase your take-home pay in the long run. Whether you’re trying to make a living out of your bets or just earn a little extra on the side, it’s important to remember that even the smallest increase in winnings can be the difference between an overall profit and a loss.

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  1. Hi Darren i agree with a lot of what you say i still have a lot of ACC but only have the time to use 1 or 2 . I have quite a few tipsters from Betting Gods + others and my own selections. I am also a life long member of Rods Runners who sends out a lot of tips with 1 or 2 updates a day . When at work i tend to miss some updates either through bad signal or non at all. Sorry blabbing on what i am saying is i dont really have the time to go through all of my bookmakers for best prices so BET365 and B F Exchange do for me .All the best . Geordie.

  2. Geordie, you just go on iddschecker or easyodds mate. They compare the prices for you and you know which app to open! Lo logging in to every account would be a nightmare! How did you get on with Rod’s Runners? Can you get the price he offers? Have any accounts been limited/closed?




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