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Why We Love Tyson Fury

Why We Love Tyson Fury

Whenever boxing is being discussed, Tyson Fury, also known as the “Gypsy King” always comes to mind.

The Irish-English boxer is considered one of the brightest and most eccentric athletes today. He is not only known for his energetic personality but also for his capability of knocking out his opponents in just a couple of rounds, which is not a surprise.

On June 16, 2019, Tyson Fury produced a ferocious scene to stop previously undefeated heavyweight Tom Schwarz in the second round by a right hand which dropped the German to the floor. This makes him undefeated since the start of his professional boxing career in 2008.

The Early Life of Tyson Fury

Tyson inherited his father’s talent who was also a famous boxer in the 1980s nicknamed “Gypsy”. He named his son after his favourite boxer, Mike Tyson.

When Tyson found out about martial arts as a young boy, he saw a spotlight for his future. Not only did Tyson inherit his father’s nickname, but his talent on knocking people out as well. He was trained by his Uncle Peter who had experience training and working with athletes at the time.

Fury’s uncle saw a bright future for the kid, thus why he was determined to teach him every bit of technique he could grasp. This experience landed him a variety of victories in English and Irish fight clubs, although Tyson knew he had more potential.

Fury represented Ireland on international competitions three consecutive times, although he wasn’t included in the Olympic national team.

In 2006, Fury placed third at the international junior championship; the next year, he won the EU Junior Championship and gained the ABA (Amateur boxing association) title.

Why We Love Tyson Fury

The Career of Tyson Fury

Fury started boxing professionally in 2008. His first fight was against Bela Gyonyosi which led him to his first victory.

After the following month, Fury faced against Marcel Zeller, which he won when the German submitted at round three.

Fury eventually changed his weight class and became a super heavyweight boxer. Along with the many victories he has achieved early on his career, he defeated Matthew Ellis, Lee Swaby, and Scott Belshaw.

John McDermott fought Tyson twice to regain his reputation, but no one could stop Tyson Fury’s unbelievable punches he kept on throwing.

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Marcelo Luis Nascimento lost for the first time in his career when he faced Fury. During the fifth round, Marcelo was knocked down which gave Fury the opportunity to become the champion of Great Britain. This victory also brought the audience a jaw-dropping experience.

Super heavyweight boxer Dereck Chisora faced Tyson Fury in 2011. Before the fight, the majority of the media and critics expected an easy win for Dereck Chisora. The fight didn’t end well for Chisora! Chisora’s robust hits did reach Fury and almost knocked him out, but due to Fury’s speed and stamina, he reached victory by the sixth round which saw him become the EBU champion.

Around 2014, Chisora tried to even out their score and regain his reputation, although, after a couple of rounds, the referee stopped the fight and awarded the victory to Tyson.

Tyson tried to reach for the champion of the world title but due to some unfortunate events, he had to cancel the fight against David Haye and Alexander Ustinov. The media had mentioned (perhaps unfairly) that it was connected with Tyson Fury’s traumas and his personal life situation.

During 2015, one of the most crucial fights in Fury’s career took place. He faced off Wladimir Klitschko who was way ahead of Fury’s career. Both boxers had identical abilities, which the audience was dying to watch to see who would come out on top.

During the first few rounds, Wladimir Klitschko tried to keep a distance from Fury, however, due to Fury’s height (a whopping 206cm) and his superb reach arm span (216cm), he countered every punch using side blows.

The fight ended after the 12th round, and victory was on Tyson Fury’s side and the former champion Wladimir Klitschko lost his crown. Wladimir wanted a rematch, but the fight failed to materialise.

Eventually, Tyson gave up his titles and left boxing and Wladimir failed to obtain his revenge.

The Personal Life of Tyson Fury

Fury’s decision to leave professional boxing in 2016 was intended to be more about the club administration to get rid of Fury’s ungovernable actions.

Fury publicly announced that he wanted doping to be legalised in the professional boxing world, which critics did not agree with.

After the fight against the Ukrainian boxer Wladimir Klitschko, it is reported that traces of enhancement substances were found in Fury’s blood.

Fury did publicly acknowledged that he used cocaine mostly because of his mental conditions and weak health.

In 2008, Fury married his longtime old friend, Paris. A beautiful story; they met when they were 16 and never looked back since.

After reaching a certain amount of fame, Fury admitted that he did not avoid other women. He confessed his actions in his interviews and called himself a “cheater”. Furthermore, he apologised to his wife and he feels sorry not only for her but for his betrayal of trust.

Paris and Fury have two children: a daughter named Venezuela and a son named Prince. Fury has mentioned that he wants his son to continue the family tradition and become a boxer.

Although, despite this wish he also wants his son to remember his passion and studies because as a young child, Fury had very little education.

The Battle With Drugs, Alcohol, and Depression

When you reach a certain amount of fame, even the biggest sports stars battle with life’s adversity.

Tyson Fury had it all: A heavyweight champion, faithful wife, children, and a Ferrari.

Although he had all the luxurious things he has ever dreamed of, he was always in a constant battle with his own well being which consisted of drugs, alcohol, and depression.

At some point, he was about to drive his convertible Ferrari off a bridge at the top speed.

After the two year ban from UK Anti-doping, the boxer staged an outstanding comeback from mental health issues.

“If I can come back from it then anybody else can. I’m no special person, just a human being made of blood and bone” said the British boxer ahead of his bout with Tom Schwarz in Las Vegas on Saturday, June 16, 2019.

The “Gypsy King” is now a great ambassador for mental illness, using his comeback to raise awareness of dealing with mental health problems and he wishes to inspire a lot of people who are suffering.

Tyson Fury is a real inspiration of a sportsman and we could write about him all day, but this is just a brief insight into the mind of a great man, and just a handful of reasons why we love Tyson Fury.

If you, or somebody you know is suffering from mental health issues, or you simply wish to learn more then you can visit Mind.org.uk here.

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