Who Will Be The Next US President?

Posted November 8, 2016

By Darren @ Betting Gods

Never before in history has a US election attracted so much attention from across the world.

In the red corner stands Donald Trump, often described as racist, bigoted and sexist, who’s business practices have come under scrutiny and who’s tax affairs have been heavily frowned upon.

Then over in the blue corner we’re presented with Hillary Clinton, someone who has been under FBI investigation, risked national security when Secretary of State and whose charity has acted questionably.

So Who Should you Place a Bet on?

Clinton is the obvious choice and would essentially be the equivalent of backing the odds-on favourite in a 4 horse race with the majority of polls supporting this.

But the polls also showed the UK remaining part of the EU in most cases… And we all know what happened there. We also believe, like people who eventually voted leave, some Trump voters are shy voters, people who will claim they’re undecided or not voting but will eventually turn out for Trump.


Who Will be the Next US President?

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    Our Tip: Back Trump to Win at 7/2

    It’s worth a punt. With Clinton currently available to back at 2/9 if you’re lucky there’s really no point wasting any money for that kind of return. Amongst the electorate, you’ve got shy hidden Trump voters, Sanders supporters who hate Clinton and voters who simply won’t cast a ballot because of the lack of credible candidate, we certainly would rule out a Trump victory just yet.

    Politics around the world has proven, of late, that anything really can happen.

    Who would you back in the US election, vote in the poll and let us know below:

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      Ha ha only in America Trump for president…why not they said no way a film actor could win and Regan ended up having two terms.

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      The thought of a Clinton presidency terrifies me. She is in hock to large US arms manufacturers such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman, so she HAS to start wars. A Middle-East conflict is a certainty, but she is committed to action around the South China sea which brings trigger- happy China into the equation. There is a very real chance of us being vapourised.


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