Whitelisting On ICloud

By whitelisting Betting Gods on iCloud, you can improve the deliverability of our emails and therefore reduce the chances of missing out on your betting tips. Whitelisting us will take you just 5 minutes by following the instructions below:

Step #1: Open Rules Settings

Log into your iCloud emails here. It is easier to change the settings through the main iCloud site compared to doing so through your iOS device. In the bottom left, press the cog to open your settings and then press Rules.

Step #2: Add Your Rule

Press “Add Rule” and then in the from box enter “” then in the box below select Inbox to guarantee your tips will end up in your inbox. Then press Done.

You’ve Whitelisted Us!

It’s that simple. This quick 5 minute job will help reduce the risk of you missing out on any future tips as, on occasions, iCloud will decide to filter our emails to your spam folder.