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What’s New On The Betting Gods App
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What’s New On The Betting Gods App

You may remember, in our previous blogs, our willingness to hear to our loyal users’ recommendations. This is your app – one designed to be as user-friendly as possible – and we were very pleased with the response that we got. And, as we mentioned, some of these requests have come to fruition: we have now incorporated some of our favourite user requests into the app, making it all the easier to use, informative and responsive.

A big thank you to everyone who shared their ideas with us.

So, What’s New On The Betting Gods App?

Well, to be honest, a lot of things are the same: we have the same emphasis on news, tips and blogs as we have always had – that’s not going anywhere. The app also still takes up very little space, allowing for fast, convenient usage on your smartphone and tablet. Also, our previews section continues to provide you with superb in-depth analysis before major events, allowing you to make the most informed choice, whatever your sport. The following features, however, are brand spanking new.

Instant Tip Notifications

We know that you’re all busy and don’t have the time to be checking your phone every five minutes, and we are also aware that you can’t afford to miss a beat. Our instant tip notifications allow for the best of both worlds – making sure that you see a new tip and can come back to it as and when you’re ready. We think it’s a great way to stay organised and informed before you finalise your flutter.

Blog Notifications

Whether you’re an avid fan of a blogger or find yourself at loggerheads with them, it’s always a smart move to keep on top of the blogs. With this new feature, you can do just that – staying ahead of the curve, on the ball and in the loop with our quick notification system. As soon as a blog is published by one of your followed writers, you’ll know about it: it’s a great way to stay educated, informed and entertained.

Blog Sharing

Leading on from that last point, you may be feeling so ahead of the curve, on the ball and in the loop that you may wish to share your new found wisdom with others. Our blog sharing is the perfect solution: simply share a noteworthy blog with your friends, colleagues or co-gamers to bring about heated discussions and general point proving (or, an enjoyable, convivial atmosphere) whether you’re at the track, in the bookies or at the game.

With these new inclusions on our app, we think that it is all the more functional, useful and informative for you, our customers. We very much hope that you agree and, as always, are still open to any more recommendations that you may have. As evidenced by these new features, we do listen to our customers and proverbial dreams can become reality.

Hang on, what?!

You don’t even have the Betting Gods app?

You’d better Download it from Here (iTunes), or Here (Google Play).
Quickly, before anyone notices.

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nico basso
nico basso
3 years ago


David James
David James
3 years ago

Very good

2 years ago

Can’t Wait,,,, your there for me

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