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Published on March 22, 2017

What Is Ante-Post & How Do I Place An Ante-Post Bet?

Written By Darren @ Betting Gods

What Is Ante-Post & How Do I Place An Ante-Post Bet?

If you’re relatively new to sports betting and you’ve always wondered what an ante-post bet is, put simply, it’s any type of bet on a sporting event that’s placed at least 24 hours before the event. It’s a particularly popular bet with professional horse racing bettors and tipsters who seek to place bets before the final declaration of a race in a bid to extract the best value from bookmaker prices. The term is Latin for ‘before the post’, which relates closely to horse racing, although ante-post bets are available for all manner of sports.

In America, this type of bet is regarded as a futures bet, unsurprisingly because the bet is made about an event in the future.

What’s really appealing about ante-post bets is the ability to get matched on a horse or team at significant odds. However, it’s not without risk. Traditionally, when you place a bet on a horse, team or individual, if your selection doesn’t eventually take part in the event, your bookmaker will refund your initial stake. With ante-post bets, that’s not the case. For instance, if a horse you favour gets injured or is entered into another race, your entire stake will be lost with no refund given.

Nevertheless, there is no doubt that ante-post bets can offer tremendous value for horses, teams and individuals where you anticipate them improving over the medium or long term ahead of an event.

It’s a real piece of skill from professional bettors and tipsters to be able to select a horse or team to win an event some time away from the event itself; particularly if you take them at big odds and watch their odds steam in with bookmakers over time. In fact, ante-post bets could be part of a sports trading strategy: if you take a horse at a huge price of 50/1 but you notice on betting exchanges on the day of the race that the horse is now priced at 10/1, you could take the decision to lay off your initial ante-post bet to guarantee a profit whatever the outcome.

At Betting Gods, we have a number of professional horse racing tipsters that have the knowledge and ability to take horses at fantastic early prices, delivering a fantastic ROI for subscribers. For instance, at the time of writing since July 2014, Quentin Franks Racing has earned £2,330.50 from £10 bets, delivering a 103.58% return on investment with ante-post bets alone!

Typical Examples Of Ante-Post Betting Markets

Although horse racing is arguably the most popular sport for ante-post betting markets, they’re also offered regularly by bookmakers for the following types of events:

Pre-season football bets

E.g. League winner, promotion, relegation and top goalscorer markets.

World-renowned events and tournaments

World Cups for football, cricket, rugby, etc tend to get plenty of ante-post attention, with bettors seeking to get the best value on teams before squads are officially announced.

Golf and tennis tournaments

Golf Majors and Tennis Grand Slams also tend to attract ante-post bets, as tipsters and professional bettors place bets based on form and potential.

Reality television shows

Finally, reality TV shows are also popular ante-post betting markets, as bettors seek to get value on who will win a show or competition before the finalists are announced, based largely on their potential popularity and skill.

How To Place An Ante-Post Bet

It’s very easy to place an ante-post bet with most regular bookmakers. They tend to have a ‘Future events’ section on their website that allows for ante-post wagers to be placed.

Remember, if you’re looking to the future and you’re thinking of placing an ante-post bet on a horse race such as the Grand National, take into consideration the probable weather, the form of the horse’s trainer and the horse itself. If the weather could well be wet, leading to softer ground, and your chosen horse prefers cut in the ground, then there’s a good chance this could be a great value ante-post bet.

If you’re content with having your betting capital tied up in an ante-post bet for some time – often weeks or months – and you’re prepared to lose your initial stake, ante-post betting can be a really exciting way to make a profit on sports.

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