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Top 5 Upcoming MLB Stars
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Top 5 Upcoming MLB Stars

Baseball is one of those sports that you’re either really into or just don’t get at all. If you don’t get it, then you’re missing out! It’s actually a very entertaining sport, and it’s easy to see why so many fans claim it’s the best sport in the world.

What makes it so great is the array of young and upcoming talent on display throughout the league. So, we thought we’d put together a guide of some of the best upcoming MLB stars to look out for.

Mike Trout

25. Los Angeles Angels

At the top of this list has to be one of the stars of major league baseball right now; Mike Trout. Some may claim he’s not upcoming, but that’s only because he’s been so impressive, many consider him the best all-around player of the last 4 years. However, he’s still only 25 which means he has a lot to learn and plenty of development left too. He reminds many fans of the no-nonsense baseball players of old that just went out there, did their thing, and played with a smile on their face. He’s not one for fancy tricks and cheeky interviews to try and cause a social media storm – he just loves baseball, and plays it extremely well.

Carlos Correa

22. Houston Astros

Correa was rookie of the year back in 2015 after an outstanding breakthrough season. He’s still developing, and his form dipped slightly last year, but that doesn’t mean the potential isn’t there. Baseball lovers have compared him to all-time great A-Rod thanks to his height, build, and raw power. What’s great about Correa is he has so much potential to hit well over 30 home runs a season. While Trout is a no-nonsense kinda guy, Correa has more flair about him. He’s a man that loves his style, and you’ll often see him before games in some funky outfits. Plus, he’s just fun to watch and well worth keeping your eye on over the next few seasons.

Aaron Sanchez

24. Toronto Blue Jays

Regarding great upcoming pitchers, Aaron Sanchez takes the biscuit. He goes a little under the radar – like a lot of pitchers do to be honest, let’s face it, everyone loves the guys hitting homers more than anyone else! However, Sanchez is only 24 and is already making a name for himself in Toronto as a starter. That’s what separates him from a lot of other young pitchers out there, he’s actually nailing down a starting spot consistently. If he keeps on doing that and playing as well as he’s been playing, then he might even start making headlines in the next few years. One thing’s for certain, if you asked the majority of MLB teams who they’d take as a pitcher under the age of 25, they’d all say Aaron Sanchez.

Francisco Lindor

23. Cleveland Indians

You know a player has the potential to be amazing when the comparisons start flying from a young age. Throughout his entire career, Lindor has been likened to the great Derek Jeter. People see a young Jeter in him thanks to his incredible mentality on and off the field. For such an incredibly young man (he only just turned 23 in November!) he carries himself so well and seems to downplay his ego. He’s just a kid that’s happy with the opportunity he’s been given and is playing every match for his team, trying to get the win. Lindor is a leader, he’s got people way older than him hanging on his every word as he gives pep talks on the bench. But, he also happens to be an incredible player that’s brilliant at what he does. The kid is a remarkable switch hitter who absolutely leathers the ball when he connects. Oh, and he’s amazingly athletic out on the field too, taking some stunning catches in his MLB career already.

Manny Machado

24. Baltimore Orioles

Last but by no means least is Manny Machado of the Baltimore Orioles. This 24-year-old has come into his own over the last year of so. He plays a defensive style that’s hard to strike out and leads to many home runs for the youngster. Many people are amazed at how well he’s done in the last couple of years, becoming a regular starter that rarely misses any games when he’s fit. Oh, and he can also play in the most demanding field position there is; shortstop. So, he’s diverse as well as being highly talented.

If you want to start watching or betting on MLB, then you need to know these five stars!

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