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The Top 10 NFL Mock Draft Predictions For 2017
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The Top 10 NFL Mock Draft Predictions For 2017

Teams may not be playing games right now, but they’re all preparing for the 2017-2018 NFL season.  Training camps will soon be in full swing, and new and old players are about to find their place on the team.

If you’re doing your own NFL mock draft, you need to get ready for what could be a crazy season.

Preparing For The NFL Mock Draft

The official NFL Draft will be happening in Philadelphia from April 27th-29th, but people have been planning their own NFL mock draft for months.

After spending time pouring over current line-ups and potential superstars from college, people are making some bold claims about the top picks and trades for the upcoming season.

You probably have your own predictions for the draft, but we have our own. If you want to win your office’s or friend’s NFL mock draft, try out some of these picks.

Myles Garrett Could Play For The Cleveland Browns

Garrett is a three-year started over at Texas A&M, and he could be the defensive end the Browns need this season.

When he started off he was already a five-star recruit and earned Freshman All-American honors during his first year on the team.  Despite his size, he’s still fast and agile, something people rarely expect from a defensive end.

Some people are calling Garrett the best player in the draft overall.  It would be crazy for the Browns to not take him as their first pick.

The Carolina Panthers Could Scoop Up Jonathan Allen

The Panther’s defensive line isn’t exactly hurting for players at the moment, but officials may not want to let a talented player like Allen slip by.

This University of Alabama senior is a three-year starter in the school’s 3-4 base defence.  His sheer versatility is what makes this player a coveted pick among the other athletes.

He can easily rush inside, play outside and play the point without breaking a sweat.  You can put him anywhere on the defensive line and he’ll crush whatever position he plays.

If the Panthers don’t sign Allen, expect other teams like the Chicago Bears to get him.

The 49s Want Solomon Thomas

Solomon Thomas is only a sophomore at Stanford, but don’t let his youth make you think that he isn’t ready to play in the big leagues.

He’s already earned an Honorable Mention all-conference honors with 39 tackles. That number includes a 10.5 for loss and 3.5 sacks for Stanford and lead them to Rose Bowl victory.

If you want a shoe in for the NFL mock draft, put Thomas with the 49ers

He could be just what the San Francisco 49ers need to spice up their defensive line.  His connections to Stanford already make him a near sure draft for the team.

Marshon Lattimore May Play For The Tennessee Titans

This cornerback means business. Lattimore has made it clear he’s ready for the big leagues.

He led the Buckeyes in passes defended and finished second in interceptions to earn First Team All-Big Ten honors.

Despite all of this, Lattimore decided to skip his last two seasons of eligibility so he could enter the NFL Draft.

Any NFL team would be happy to have this player, but it’s looking like the Tennessee Titans are going to draft him.

The Titans need to bulk up their defensive line if they hope to have a good ’17-’18 season.  If they don’t get him, expect the Chicago Bears or even the New Orleans Saints to get him.

Malik Hooker Could Be Headed To LA

Hooker is one of those rare athletes that can excel at nearly every sport they try.

Before he was on the football field you could find him on the basketball court, but he eventually became one of the best free safeties at Ohio State.

The Los Angeles Charges would be crazy to not sign Hooker at this point.

They need to fill the hole Eric Weddle left when he went to Baltimore.  It’s clear that the team suffered last season from Weddle’s absence.  Hooker could easily fit into the hole Weddle left.

Dalvin Cook May Be Indianapolis Bound

Dalvin Cook is going to be the top pick for any team that needs a solid running back.

Some claim that Cook is one of the best running backs to ever come out of Florida State.  He knows how to think on his feet, and can also stand back and let other people use him as need be.

The Indianapolis Colts have been lacking a solid offensive line for quite some time.  People think that Cook could give them the edge they need to win.

The Titans Want Jamal Adams

Jamal Adams was destined for football greatness.  He’s the son of former New York Giants’ 1985 first-round pick George Adams, and he has turned into a formidable safety during his time at Louisiana State University.

This player could really go anywhere in an NFL mock draft, but the Titans may be the best pick.

It’s pretty clear that Tennessee was hurting for a good defensive line last season. Adams would be a shoe-in for safety and pick up the slack.

Marlon Humphrey Could Be New Orleans Bound

Marlon Humphrey started off at Alabama State as a redshirt, and since then he’s proven that he could be the perfect cornerback for any team.

Humphrey is still young, but he could be an excellent secondary for the New Orleans Saints.

The Saints lacked good pass defence in 2016, and Humphrey could be what they need to bring the team together.

Leonard Fournette Could Go To The Jacksonville Jaguars

Leonard Fournette is a three-year starter in LSU’s power-I offense, and he would be the ideal running back for any team.

The Jaguars need someone with Fournette’s talents.  A good running back could be just what their QB needs.

They need a solid offensive line if they want to make it to the Super Bowl in 2018.  Fournette could be a sure thing in your NFL mock draft if you place him in Jacksonville.

Reuben Foster Is Headed To Cincinnati

Reuben Foster wasn’t Alabama’s biggest star player, but he certainly proved his linebacker talents while he played on the team.

His recent weight loss has made him faster and more agile, which gives him a speed advantage that other linebackers lack.

His unique skills make him ideal for the Bengals.  They need second-level defence help, and it looks like Foster is the player that can do it.

What About Your NFL Mock Draft?

How does our list look like compared to yours?  Did we leave off a key player?

Tell us about your picks in our comments section!

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