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Choosing Your Perfect Horse Racing Tipster
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Choosing Your Perfect Horse Racing Tipster

When paying for horse racing tips we all want our investment to reap a healthy profit – but there are many other factors to consider.

Betting Bank

How much money you can afford to set aside for betting should always be considered. As all tipsters go through poor runs – you must start with the advised betting bank and follow the staking plan of the tipster. Never be tempted to chase early losses, if they occur, as making money from horse racing tipsters is a long-term plan.

Opening bookmaker accounts

Most tipsters advise bets at the best odds with whichever bookmaker those odds are with. Therefore it is important to have accounts with all these bookmakers. This can take a while to set-up; however it usually comes with the advantage of lots of bonus bets that often come hand-in-hand with opening new accounts.

However, if you don’t fancy opening lots of accounts, you may wish to consider choosing a tipster that just advises bets on the exchanges like Betfair.

How many bets a month?

If you like to bet most days and/or have more than one bet a day – then it’s probably not a good idea to subscribe to a service that only advises 10-15 bets a month. The chances are you might get bored between tips and waste some of your hard earned profits. Equally, if you are a disciplined punter, you should be looking for a tipster with the highest return on investment (ROI) – and perhaps maximising profits by increasing your per point stake (don’t forget to increase your starting bank. proportionately though).

Strike rate

If you’re a punter who loves having lots of winners then you should look for a tipster who has a high strike rate. Equally, if you hate backing odds-on shots and favourites, you might want to choose a tipster who specialises in “value selections”.

Win or each-way

Many tipsters only advise win bets – but advice each-way bets, too. It’s a personal choice!

Betting Gods horse racing tipsters

Below is a selection of Betting Gods horse racing tipsters who offer a variety of staking plans, number of selections a month and size of advised betting banks. They also come at monthly subscription prices to suit all pockets – and offer a 30-day trial for just £4.95/month.

Selective Racing Trust

Monthly subscription: £34.95

30-Day Trial: £4.95

Established since 2011, this service has been part of the Betting Gods tipster stable since early 2014. Provides around 4 bets and is a tipster that ideally suits disciplined punters who don’t feel the need to bet every day or on multiple races on any day. A 26.31 strike rate means just over 1 in 4 selections win and tips generate an average 33.15% on investment. Subscribers are advised to start with a 50 point bank – equal to 50 times their per-point stake.

Master Racing Tipster 

Monthly subscription: £39.95

30-Day Trial: £4.95

Master Racing Tipster was on Betting Gods recruitment for a while – and we got our man in April 2014. He provides tips the evening before in order to capitalise on any inflated early prices. Provides 40-50 selections a month, which is ideal for punters who like to bet most days and sometimes like to have more than one bet a day. Bets are advised at 1pt level stakes and are win bets. 50pts starting bank is advised. Strike Rate 25.96% and ROI 28.73%.

Tom Nelson Racing

Monthly subscription: £49.95

30-Day Trial: £4.95

Uses a staking plan of between 1.5 to 6pt to maximise potential returns. 60-70 selections per month are ideal for people who like plenty of regular win and each-way. A 200pts starting bank is advised. 43.23% Strike Rate and16.89% ROI.

Value Racing Tips

Monthly subscription: £39.95

30-Day Trial: £4.95

Selections are advised in the evening prior to racing, and no odds-on selections or favourites are advised. Provides between 65-75 selections a month. Bets are win and advised at 1pt level stakes. 50pts starting bank advised. 22.79% Strike Rate.  23.98% ROI.

Sovereign Racing 

Monthly subscription: £34.95

30-Day Trial: £4.95

Advises around 60-70 win bets per month to 1pt level Stakes and are Win Bets. 50pts starting bank advised, and all bets are advised at Betfair SP. 22.66% Strike Rate 12.85% ROI.

Easy Tips

Monthly subscription: £9.95

30-Day Trial: £4.95

This premier low-cost tipping service is ideal for the beginner who doesn’t want to invest too much up front and likes lots of regular bets. Advises 90-110 win bets per month to either a 1pt or 2pt Stake. 50pts starting bank advised. 26.09% strike rate and 4.41 ROI.

*Stats all correct at time of writing. Visit for the most up to date details.

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