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UFC 217 Results, Highlights, Winners & Losers
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UFC 217 Results, Highlights, Winners & Losers

If you prefer to get right to the point, the winners from UFC 217 are:

George St- Pierre
TJ Dillashaw
Rose Namajunas
Stephen Thompson
Paulo Costa

However, if you’d like a run down of what went down please read on…

Michael Bisping – George St. Pierre

Starting with the biggest fight of the night; Michael Bisping and George St. Pierre. We waited 4 years to see GSP fighting again, and the wait was well worth it. For all St. Pierre’s supporters, it couldn’t have been better.

1st Round: GSP came out giving a fierce fight, taking over and being obviously superior.
2nd Round: Michael Bisping, reacted and matched points, doing visible damage to St. Pierre leaving him tired and hurt.
3rd Round: Despite his notorious signs of exhaustion GSP, gave an aggressive fight, connecting powerful punches that sent Bisping to the canvas, and after a series of brutal hits George St. Pierre won by submission.
The Canadian, became a double weight class Champion, holding the middleweight belt.

TJ Dillashaw – Cody Garbrandt

Things weren’t good for Dillashaw in the first round, however he overcame and hit Garbrandt with a lethal kick in the head by the end of the second round. Both Team Alpha Male members gave a great but short fight.
Dillshaw declared “I just finished him in the second round. He doesn’t deserve a rematch”

Rose Namajunas – Joanna Jedrzejczyk

This was one of the biggest surprises of the night! As Jedrzejczyk was the big girl of the moment, she has defended the belt in five consecutive fights, and was impossible to beat – or so we though – but Rose Namajunas gave an amazing fight, ignoring previous declarations from JJ, threatening Namajunas, she played a different formula where JJ simply couldn’t adapt.

We saw a fight where the dominant fighter lost to confidence, because when Rose tried things “outside the box” Joanna didn’t know how to react and ended up losing her title.

It was impossible not to compare Jedrezjczyk to Ronda Rousey, however she declared:
“please, don’t compare me to Ronda Rousey. I love her so much and we have a very good relationship but please, let’s leave this (expletive) away,”
and closing the conference with a real winner’s statement:
“Big congrats to Rose. I’m happy for her, but I will be back stronger. It was not personal. The things which happen before the fight have nothing to do with this fight. It was a good punch, she cut me off, I really don’t know what happened. It’s the fight, you know. We take this risk.”

Stephen Thompson – Jorge Masvidal

The fight where Thompson was declared winner by a tight unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27).
3 rounds where different techniques were used. Highlights of each round:

1st Round: Thompson connects with a solid right hand and then knocks Masvidal down with a kick to the chest.
2nd Round: Thompson knocks JM down with a right hook, right after Masvidal lands a nice kick to the body, trying to get some points over Thompson, however is not enough to win the round.
3rd Round: Another tight round was given at the end where Thompson attacked Masvidal with a remarkable combination as Masvidal is coming in. As the fight is finishing he closes landing some punches that give him the victory.

Paulo Costa – Johny Hendricks

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Johny Hendricks, the former UFC welterweight champion,  career hasn’t been very promising lately, and this fight proved it, where he lost to a KO from Costa on the second round.

1st Round: Closing the first round in a tight range. 10-9. Both fighters landed solid shots on their opponents, however since the beginning of the round we could see Hendricks more energetic and full of stamina.
2nd Round: Hendricks lands a few low kicks, but not enough compared to Costa when he took JH down from an uppercut and the fight was stopped.

Conclusion of UFC 217

Do we really need the amount of exaggerated shows and declarations that fighters give prior the event?
We just witness the opposite once inside the Octagon: humble fighters giving a real show! This is what true fans want.

We also learned that what makes a winner is the hard training, learning new techniques – in the case of JJ where she thought she could win over and over again using the same techniques – and experience – if you don’t believe us ask GSP!

We can’t wait to see which fights develop from this event!

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