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US Soccer Teams You Love To Hate
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US Soccer Teams You Love To Hate

Soccer is gaining in popularity in the United States, with the increase in the Hispanic population. However, some Americans are not fans of their local teams. It is no wonder because some teams are notable for starting fights that they never win. In addition to this, some players have a history of injuring other players in an effort to draw a foul on the other team.

Atlanta United FC

As an American soccer team, Atlanta United FC has more than a few haters. Founded in 2014, the team did not begin playing until 2017. In this very short period of time, the team has made a name for itself. In fact, many fans have deemed it as one of the most hated U.S. soccer teams. Of course, this statement is subjective, but many Georgians tend to believe it.

The owner is none other than the Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank. Blank is also the co-founder of one of the top big box stores in the United States, Home Depot. It took a long time for Atlanta officials and Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber to bring soccer to Atlanta. After years of talk, Blank announced on April 16, 2014, that Major League Soccer had finally awarded his group an expansion franchise. It was also announced at that time that the new team would not begin to play until 2017.

With more than 55,000 in attendance at the Bobby Dodd Stadium, Atlanta United FC failed to defeat the New York Red Bulls, losing them their first regular season.

D.C. United

Another American MLS team that has a reputation for riling feathers is the D.C. United. The team is based in Washington, D.C. Founded in 1996, the team has earned three U.S. Open Cups. But, this says nothing about their reputation, which is diverse. While the team has a large group of loyal followers, they also have more than a few haters. Some of the players have a history of starting fights, some that they win and some they lose.

In 2003, the United selected one of the youngest players to ever be signed by Major League Soccer. Fourteen-year-old Freddy Adu was picked up by United, beginning as a second-half substitute. Some fans did not support the move, while others had faith in Adu because of his stats.

Houston Dynamo

Houston Dynamo based in Houston, Texas is another Major League Soccer team with a few haters. The team relocated from California after Gabriel Brener, owner of Houston Dynamo and San Jose Earthquakes, failed to secure a stadium in San Jose for his team. The move upset a lot of Californians, while most Houston residents relished the idea of having their own MLS team.
U.S. Soccer Teams You Love To Hate

Chicago Fire

The Chicago Fire is one of the best-known and most hated soccer clubs in the United States. The team is based out of Chicago and they’ve been around since 1997. Their stadium is capable of holding 20,000 individuals. The team has gone through many changes over the past few years. Their fans are even beginning to hate them now because they’re having a tough time making the playoffs. That could all change this year since they’ve picked up a player from Manchester United. Bastian Schweinsteiger may be able to lead them to playoffs in the upcoming year. Nevertheless, the team is still going to be despised by many.

Columbus Crew

The Columbus Crew is based out of Columbus, Ohio. They’re a part of the Major League Soccer organization. The team plays in the Eastern Conference. They’ve been around since 1994 and currently hold their games at the Mapfre Stadium in Columbus. The team hasn’t done very well in Columbus. In fact, most fans are pretty much tired of them. This is why the owners and managers have thought about relocating the team to Austin, Texas. It is unknown whether or not the team will have any luck there.

New England Revolution

When it comes to New England, you can pretty much guarantee that their sports teams are going to be hated. The New England Revolution is pretty much the same as the New England Patriots. In fact, both teams are owned by Robert Kraft. When you visit a New England soccer game, you can guarantee that you’re going to hear a lot of boos.

Orlando City SC

The Orlando City Soccer Club is based out of Orlando, Florida. The team uses the nickname The Lions. They were originally founded in 2013 and started playing as an expansion team in 2015. In 2017, the team received a lot of criticism from its fans. They finished 10th in the Eastern Conference and 18th overall. They did not qualify for the playoffs. This is why so many locals despise the team. They prefer winners and the Orlando City SC are not winners.

Philadelphia Union

The Philadelphia Union is based out of Chester, Pennsylvania. The team was founded in 2008. They’ve been around for 10 years. They play their home games at the Talen Energy Stadium in Chester, Pennsylvania. That stadium is capable of holding more than 18,500 fans. The Union has a lot of fans, but they’re also hated just as much. In fact, fans of the New York Red Bulls and D.C. United despise the Philadelphia Union. Those two rivalries are some of the best in soccer.

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San Jose Earthquakes

The San Jose Earthquakes are a professional soccer team based out of San Jose, California. The team is part of the Western Conference and the Major League Soccer. The team is one of the oldest. They’ve been around for 23 years! The team was actually a part of the first ever MSL game. They managed to defeat D.C. United with a final score of 1 to nothing. Suffice to say, this is one of the main reasons that they’re despised by fans of D.C. United.

LA Galaxy

The LA Galaxy or the Los Angeles Galaxy is likely the best-known soccer team in the United States. The team is a member of the Western Conference. They began playing in 1996. The team was actually founded in 1994. They’re hated for a hand full of reasons. Nevertheless, the bigger reason is David Beckham. Fans were very angry when Beckham decided to move to the team. They’ve never managed to get over that hurdle.

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