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Top US Soccer Players Of All Time
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Top US Soccer Players Of All Time

If there is one question that is going to spark much debate and controversy it is, who are the top US soccer players of all times?

Soccer has been around for quite some time now and it is no mistake that the sport has evolved into a multi-million dollar industry. Given that the game is always changing it can be truly hard for any long time fan to come up with a top ten list that will appease everyone out there.

How do you compare some of the past time great with some of today’s greats when the game is so different? Not to mention all the advances in sport’s medicine that have been discovered over time. Nonetheless, there have been some truly great players come and go over the last past couple of decades and below you will discover who some of them are.

Landon Donovan

Landon Donovan played as a forward and achieved 157 caps and 57 goals throughout his entire career. He was a forward that possessed the rare ability of great vision in the midfield, along with the ability to score. While he might have retired at the age of 32 he was lightning fast and could do almost everything on his own.

Claudio Reyna

When it comes to smooth midfielders, you will probably not find anyone smoother than Claudio Reyna. This guy had the ability to distribute the ball calmly and keep it where it needed to be at all times. While his parents hailed from Argentina, he was born in New Jersey and attended the University of Virginia.

European clubs made offers throughout his tenure there, but he went on to become one of the first American outfield players to have a great career abroad. He played for Germany, Bayer Leverkusen, and Wolfsburg. Throughout his entire career, he made 112 captures and a total of eight goals.

Clint Dempsey

If you ask any American about Clint Dempsey they would tell you that he was gritty, headstrong, and possessed the mentality that he needed on the field. Others might say that he was hotheaded and highly know for his controversy on and off the field, but it is hard to deny that he had an impressive career with 118 captures and 47 goals. Probably his most memorable goal was when he made the opening goal off the first strike in the 2014 World Cup. This captured him the fifth fastest goal in tournament history.

Brad Friedel

When you think about great soccers player, you usually don’t tend to think or goalies, but it would be hard not to include Brad Friedel on this list. In fact, amongst all the American goalies this guy literally might have been the best with an impressive career captures of 82.

Born in Ohio he was one of the first American players that actually grew to be respected in the English Premier League. He also currently holds the record for being the player with the most consecutive appearances in the Premier League. He showed up for 310 straight games.

Brian McBride

If there was one American player that showed up when it counted it was Brian McBride. This guy really had a knack for being in the right place at the right time. He was a towering forward with a six-foot, one-inch frame. While he ended his career with 95 captures and thirty goals, his most impressive score had to be when he made a diving goal against the Portugal team in 2002. This helped lead the US to a three to one victory.

Tim Howard

Here is another goalkeeper that makes this list. And, this comes with good reason. He ended his career with an impressive 104 captures. He probably became most acclaimed with his performance in the World Cup against the Belgium team. In fact, he had a total of sixteen saves in this single game, which became a record. His performance was so impressive that it warranted a call from President Obama himself.

Although, Tim was six feet, three inches towering individual and excelled at basketball, he decides to go with the game of soccer. He began his career with the New York/New Jersey Metro Stars, but after just a mere five seasons he was a true bona fide American soccer star. It really didn’t take long before the English Giants snatched him up. He signed on at an impressive $4,000,000 a year.
Top US Soccer Players of All Time

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Tab Ramos

Tab Ramos was a midfielder with some magical moves and he wasn’t afraid to show them off. In fact, there wasn’t a defender alive that he wasn’t afraid to take on. He has a fifteen-year career and throughout that career, he proved to be a much better attacker and dribbler than anyone else on the US team at the time. He capped off his career with 81 captures and eight goals. His abilities really shined through in 1989 when he made an assist to Paul Caligiuri to help the US team bring home their first World Cup.

Eric Wynalda

Eric Wynalda was one of those players that were ready to make an impact on and off the field. He sure made an impact on the field, as he was the US teams all-time goal leader until he was passed by Landon Donovan in 2007. He ended his career with 106 captures and 34 goals.

Kasey Keller

Another goalkeeper that has to be mentioned on the list is without a doubt, Kasey Keller. Probably most well-known by modern fans as being a TV analyst these days, but he was something of a US legend in his own time. Kasey Keller had a lot of great games, but his most impressive was when he made five saves against the Brazilians in 1998, which helped the US team shut them down and gain the victory. He was a most impressive career with a total of 102 saves.

Michael Bradley

It is no mistake that Michael Bradley got into soccer, as his father was the former coach of the US national tea. The midfielder earned his first capture at the prime age of eighteen years old in the Bruce Arena. He had a work ethic that could not be matched and that is probably was earned him a career of 104 captures and fifteen goals.

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