Top Online Roulette Strategies


Top Online Roulette Strategies

Posted February 21, 2017 | By Darren @ Betting Gods

Roulette is one of the most popular (and fun) casino games out there. What makes this game so fascinating is that it’s full of different strategies. Some claim that roulette is pure luck of the draw. However, many betting experts believe that there are ways you can reduce the odds and be more successful when playing.

Bearing that in mind, we’ve decided to put together an article containing all the top online roulette strategies. Feel free to give them a read and pick up some new roulette knowledge along the way!

35 Numbers Spread

One online roulette strategy that’s always doing the rounds is the 35 numbers spread. As you can guess, this involves betting the same amount of money on 35 different numbers across the board. In doing so, you are almost guaranteed to win every time. You’ll be very unlucky if the ball doesn’t land on one of your numbers.

The issue is, let’s say you spend £1 on 35 numbers, that’s a total bet of £35. If the ball lands on one of these numbers, you win £36. Essentially, you only win £1 because you bet £35, which isn’t very good at all. If you’re dedicated to playing the really slow game, then this could prove to be a good strategy. But, you’d need to win loads of times in a row and hope that you never experience a loss.

5 Lines At Once (30 Numbers)

In online roulette, a line is 6 numbers on the board in a row. For example, 1-6 is a line, and 7-12 is a line. This betting tactic is to bet on five lines at once, all with £1. By doing this, you’ll cover 30 numbers in one go, meaning you have a better chance of winning than losing. You’ll be spending £30 with every bet, but could win £36 – meaning a profit of £6 per win.

In theory, you’d only need to win five spins in a row to double your original £30 bet. If you get lucky, there’s every chance you can do this.

11 Streets (33 Numbers)

While a line is 6 numbers on the board in a row, a street is half that amount. 1-3 is a street, 4-6, 7-9, and so on. So, if you bet on 11 streets, that’s a total of 33 numbers covered. This is perhaps the third safest roulette strategy out there at the moment. The only ones ahead of it are the 35 numbers spread and another strategy that we’ll cover right after this one. By covering 33 numbers on the board, you dramatically increase your chances of winning.

However, you also decrease the profit you make. Each win will net you a £3 profit (when placing a £1 bet on 33 numbers), which isn’t a huge amount, but it’s fairly decent considering how unlikely it is you’ll lose. In theory, you could easily win ten games in a row and double your starting fund.

17 Splits (34 Numbers)

On a roulette table, a split refers to any two numbers that are right next to one another. Bet on 17 of these, and you cover 34 numbers on the table. This is the second safest strategy behind the 35 numbers spread. Your total bet will be £34, and each wins gets you a £2 profit.

Again, it’s not the biggest profit, but you’re going to win more often that not. The key to all these strategies is having the patience to keep plugging away and seeing your small profits turn into big ones.

First 12, 9-36, Even/Third 12, 1-18, Even

The penultimate strategy is to stray away from betting on individual numbers and look at the other bets on the board instead. You can bet £3 on 9-36 and even, with a further £2 on the first 12. That’s a £5 total bet, and you’ll earn a £1 profit if any of your selections hit. You could play the same bet but £3 on 1-18 and even, with the £2 on the third twelve.

It’s similar to betting on 5 lines, but you only have to spend £5 per bet, minimising any potential losses.

Splits and Columns

Finally, you should look at betting on splits and columns to cover the board exceptionally well. Chuck a fiver on any of the two columns on the board, with a further £1, stuck on four splits in the other column.

If your column bet comes in, then you earn £1 profit. But, if you get your splits, then you enjoy a tasty £4 profit too.
A big part of roulette is down to luck, but a lot of these strategies can help you out. It’s all about patience and learning to win small, often. Rather than increasing the odds and trying to win big once.

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