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Our Commitment To Integrity

Why You Can Trust Our 17 Pro Tipsters

6 Months Proofing

Every tipster who applies to the Betting Gods network must undergo our rigorous vetting process for at least 6 months. During this period, we look at profitability, reliability and consistency.

Regular Audits

Our vetting doesn't end once a tipster goes live on the network. Instead, we run periodic audits of all tipsters to ensure only the best-of-the-best are represented on the Betting Gods tipster network.

90% of Tipsters Fail

We gets hundreds of new tipsters applying to join the Betting Gods network each and every year of which we'll only approve 5 to 10 after 6 months of proofing. Our focus is on providing quality over quantity.

BOG Never Applied

We're aware that having access to BOG is a luxury for many professional gamblers. That's why we never take BOG prices when recording the results of our tipsters.

Rule 4 Deductions Applied

Unfortunately, most tipsters don't fairly record their results outside the Betting Gods network. At Betting Gods, we will always make any R4 deductions to results.

Odds Available with 2+ Bookies

We know how difficult it can be to obtain the advised odds. That's why we'll only record the profit/loss with odds that are available with at least 2 major bookmakers.

30-Day Refund Policy

If you decide you're not happy with a particular tipster that you're subscribed to then just let us know and we'll happily refund any payments made in the previous 30 days.

No Contracts

You're free to cancel your subscription to any of the Betting Gods tipsters whenever you want without providing any prior notice. Don't worry, we don't tie you into any contracts!

£1.99 Trials on All Tipsters

We provide 15-day trials on all our tipsters for just £1.99 + VAT. This gives you, as the punter, a chance to paper trade our pro tipsters without a hefty, upfront subscription fee.

Reviews Encouraged

From Honest Betting Reviews through to Secret Betting Club, we're reviewed across the internet and it's something we actually actively encourage. We believe in being completely open to independent scrutiny.

Over 500 TrustPilot Ratings

We love seeing feedback from members. Over 500 members have rated us on TrustPilot with over 90% rating us Great or Excellent making us one of the most positively rated betting companies on the internet!

Registered Company

Unlike most tipsters who appear one day and disappear the next, Betting Gods and the tipsters we represent are part of a professional, registered company that has been around since 2014.

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These are the Top Performing Tipsters in November

RF Racing Tips

£2,850.40 Total Profit



Monthly Profit



The Outside Edge

£2,949.90 Total Profit



Monthly Profit



The Basketball Geek

£2,614.16 Total Profit



Monthly Profit



QF Value Tips

£5,835.80 Total Profit



Monthly Profit



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