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November 2017: The Winners And Losers

November 2017: The Winners And Losers

October was hardly a bad month with around 159pts of profit, but November has completely outdone it with 2.27 times more profit totalling over 360pts across our 27 tipsters. Of course, there were some standout performances and a few we’d certainly rather forget. So let’s start with the good news:

The Winners

We have to begin with Rod’s Runners. Last month he got a bit of slack from members, rightly so I might add, but his performance in November proves just why you need to stick with a tipster for the long run. If you followed Rodney’s tips throughout November you’d have made over 214.80pts of profit. In fact, even if you take into account the loss in October you’d still be close to 200pts in profit!

Craig’s Golf Betting Expert service was the second most profitable tipster in November with some huge winners including Wade Ormsby at 80/1. It was a much needed 126pts of profit after a fairly flat period of tipping for Craig.

It was certainly a month of turnaround performances as SB Racing Tips proved after pulling in over 73pts of profit after a fairly poor September and October.

In fourth we find the latest addition to Betting Gods: The Bookies Enemy. He certainly lived up to that name with his first month live on our network by pulling in a whopping 71.18pts of profit. That figure alone is impressive, but what’s more staggering is the 106% ROI he achieved that profit at!

Pro Footy Tips was the best performing football tipster on the Betting Gods network in November. In fact, he had a standout performance with 52.85pts of profit at an ROI of 58% across just 41 bets. If you’re looking for profitable football tips and aren’t a member of Geir’s service then perhaps you need to check out his longterm stats.

Premier Greyhound Tips, Quentin Franks Racing, Master Racing Tipster, Chloe’s Football Focus, Max Racing Partnership and Value Racing Tips also all had incredible performances. You know it’s a good month when a tipster who pulls in over 40pts of profit only gets a small mention in the ‘winners’ section.

The Losers

It may have been an incredible for many Betting Gods tipsters but there were so big losers, most notably, Tom’s Racing Picks who lost close to 100pts. We are keeping a very close eye on his service to see if he can turn it back around in December. Tipsters all have ups and downs (Rodney proves that) so let’s see what Tom can achieve in December.

The Sports Guru also had a torrid time in November having lost 66pts of profit. He’s struggling lately to find the form he once had so, like Tom, we are keeping a close eye on The Sports Guru.

Robert Fraser’s Racing Tips also didn’t perform well. It just goes to show that profiting at BSP is certainly harder said than done.

The Overall Picture

Overall, we are incredibly proud of each of the Betting Gods tipsters. Rodney certainly stands out this month having received a lot of negative feedback and abuse, he ploughed on through and has proven just how good he is. It has been an impressively profitable month across the Betting Gods network and we just hope that December can match the performance in November to end, what has been a fantastic year, on a final high.

Tipster NameProfit in PointsProfit with £10 Stakes
Rod's Runners214.80pts£2,148.00
Golf Betting Expert126.00pts£1,260.00
SB Racing Tips73.89pts£738.90
The Bookies Enemy71.18pts£711.80
Pro Footy Tips52.85pts£528.50
Premier Greyhound Tips46.50pts£465.00
Quentin Franks Racing38.26pts£382.60
Master Racing Tipster29.91pts£299.10
Chloe's Football Focus22.60pts£226.00
Max Racing Partnership22.42pts£224.20
Value Racing Tips20.58pts£205.80
The Football Formula5.57pts£55.70
Footy Doubles4.83pts£48.30
QF Value Tips0.38pts£3.80
The Boxing Tipster0.05pts£0.50
Hat Trick Hero-0.42pts£4.20
Flat Racing Master-0.50pts-£5.00
APS Basketball Tips-8.92pts-£89.20
Top Rated Runners-10.51pts-£105.10
Pinnacle Racing Tips-15.00pts-£150.00
Big Race Bookie Busters-17.19pts-£171.90
Robert Fraser's Tennis Tips-19.17pts-£191.70
The Each Way King-21.23pts-£212.30
The Football Guru-55.23pts-£552.30
Robert Fraser's Racing Tips-56.77pts-£567.70
The Sports Guru-66.23pts-£662.30
Tom's Racing Picks-97.66pts-£976.60
Total Profit360.99pts£3,609.90

If you follow any of the tipsters, let us know in the comments section below who you’ve enjoyed following or even who you’re not enjoying:

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Quentin Franks Racing

£15,731.00 Total Profit

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The Outside Edge

£2,552.00 Total Profit

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    • I think you should deduct the cost of each service from the profit giving a net gain I would like to see the cost of a service per £ a point deducted from monthly profits and that would give a truer picture I.e if a service costs £30 , calculate profits to £1 per point then deduct 30 for the cost of the service.

      • Darren @ Betting Gods

        Hi Jim,

        The problem we have with that is that some people pay monthly, quarterly, annual or perhaps even have a lifetime subscription. Plus of course we have some members staking £5, £10 and some I know are even staking in the £100’s via exchanges.
        There is also exchange rates to factor; 75% of members are UK based (hence why we use £) but a significant number will be using euro or other currencies.

  1. So pleased that Rod proved the haters wrong. He took a lot of flak from people who didnt understand the variance involved.. i stopped also due my small bankroll but had that not been the case judging by the past results alone its clear he will see some more really positive months and grow. Well done.

  2. I use a staking system of my own devising which I would be happy to share. Applying that to the Football Guru’s selections I was able to glean 127.79 points of profit (total) during November. The same system did not work so well with the Football Formula where the returns targeted are so much lower. However, I have re-calibrated the staking to take advantage of the high strike rate delivered by that provider and am pretty confident about December. Thanks Darren for providing the table of “winners and losers”. Very interesting indeed!

  3. bookies enemy is a professional service with a few choice selections most days and a full explanation why he is recommending his advice.


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