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July 2018: The Winners And Losers

July 2018: The Winners And Losers

I’m not going to try and sugar coat this update and, as we always are at Betting Gods, I’m going to be totally frank and completely honest with you: July was a disaster and has been the first negative month for the Betting Gods network.

So where did it all go wrong? Horse racing. If you look at our non-racing services, you’ll see that overall they made a profit. But it was a disaster for most of the racing tipsters. In a way, we can take some comfort in the fact that most racing services both on and off the Betting Gods network struggled in July.

You know it’s a tough month when the likes of The Bookies Enemy and Master Racing Tipster, two of the most reliably consistent services on the network, struggle to make a worthy profit.

So let’s delve deeper and see what happened starting as always with the winners of the month.

The Winners

Let’s race through the decent performances from our racing tipsters first: The Racing King was one of the rare racing tipsters that managed to make a noticeable profit in July with 37.50pts profit. Flat Racing Master too made a worthy profit of 14.76pts. Finally Quentin’s two services, Quentin Franks Racing and QF Value Tips, made 11.52pts and 16.44pts profit respectively.

So who else did well in July?

The best performance of the month came from Top 20 Golf Tips who pulled in 46.04pts profit. He’s making a regular appearance in the winner section of these blog posts every month now and is proving to be one of the most consistent golf tipsters we know.

eSports Betting Tipster had a decent comeback in July having pulled in 24.53pts of profit with a respectable 26% return on investment.

The Football Guru continued to live up to his guru name with yet another month of profitable football tips this time pulling in an extra 17pts profit for his members.

Finally The Boxing Betting Tipster and Premier Greyhound Tips both did their somewhat niche sports justice by generating 12pts and nearly 10pts profit respectively.

The Losers

I’m not hear to tear into our tipsters. I personally believe they all put the hours in when it comes to picking their selections and I don’t think it would be fair to criticise them during one of the weirdest months of tipping we’ve experienced at Betting Gods.

However, I do need to point out a couple of bad performers in July.

Rod’s Runners, who we all have huge respect for, had a bit of a disaster. What’s great to see is that over on the members site, plenty of his loyal following were there offering up their support. Now I’m not one to usually throw the word around and ultimately a tipster is either profitable or not but Rodney really did end up on the wrong side of luck throughout July with countless huge priced 2nd places that would have turned July from disaster to wild success.

JB Racing Tips continued on his rollercoaster journey with Betting Gods. As the weather settled in the UK, so did his performance however and during the last week of July he pulled in over 13pts profit showing he does know a thing or two about picking winners.

Golf Betting Expert came painfully close again to a few huge winners which, like Rod’s Runners, would have turned July into something to rave about.

The Overall Picture

Let’s put July behind us and crack on with August and see if we can cover the losses in July and make everyone some money!

Tipster NameProfit in PointsProfit with £10 Stakes
Top 20 Golf Tips46.04pts£460.40
The Racing King37.50pts£375.00
eSports Betting Tipster24.53pts£245.30
The Football Guru17.47pts£174.70
QF Value Tips16.44pts£164.40
Flat Racing Master14.76pts£147.60
The Boxing Betting Tipster12.00pts£120.00
Quentin Franks Racing11.52pts£115.20
Premier Greyhound Tips9.85pts£98.50
The Football Formula3.37pts£33.70
Each Way Leader-1.02pts-£10.20
Chloe's Football Focus-1.61pts-£16.10
Robert Fraser's Tennis Tips-1.70pts-£17.00
The Bookies Enemy-10.68pts-£106.80
Speedway Guru-14.23pts-£142.30
Master Racing Tipster-14.49pts-£144.90
Rod's US Runners-15.80pts-£158.00
Draw Master-16.38pts-£163.80
Max Racing Partnership-17.18pts-£171.80
Top Rated Runners-25.97pts-£259.70
Golf Betting Expert-27.00pts-£270.00
JB Racing Tips-74.82pts-£748.20
Rod's Runners-177.02pts£1,770.20
Total Profit-204.42pts-£2,044.20

If you follow any of the tipsters, let us know in the comments section below who you’ve enjoyed following or even who you’re not enjoying:

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