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Money Talks, Right?

At Betting Gods, we pay tipsters an industry-high rate of 40% of all revenue. As a tipster you'll receive 40% of each sale, instantly and in real-time. We then pay for everything else from advertising and PR to web hosting and marketing tools.

This means you can focus all of your time on selecting your tips while we worry about marketing your service, getting members on board and processing the payments.

Start earning $1,000s every month by providing your tips to our members!

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What Current Tipsters think of Us

Having followed Betting Gods for years as a punter before joining them as a tipster, my expectations could scarcely have been higher. It speaks volumes for Darren, Lewis and the rest of the team that those expectations were and continue to be exceeded

Rod's Runners

Launched May 2017

I really cannot recommend Betting Gods highly enough and I have not looked back since they signed me up back in 2014. You do have to go through a thorough proofing process but this enables Betting Gods to ensure that members are accessing quality proven tipsters. What I can say is that my service would not have achieved what it has so far without the excellent management provided by Betting Gods.

Master Racing Tipster

Launched April 2014

Being part of the Betting Gods stable of tipsters means you can spend your time picking winners whilst they successfully market your service. I also love their ethos of providing customers with full transparency, in-depth proofing, and quality products.

Big Race Bookie Busters

Launched November 2014

How to Become a Tipster


Proof for 4 Months

After applying, you will need to proof for 4 months. This is so we have plenty of results to be confident in you and enough to market your service during the launch.


Launch the Service

If you pass the proofing process, we'll then discuss your service and get it launched to the Betting Gods network with an aim of getting 100s of members on board ASAP.


Continue to Earn

You'll then continue to provide your winning tips while we continue to get subscribers on board and ultimately money into your bank account every single day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

"How much can I earn as a tipster?"

Income is completely dependent on performance. Tipsters who perform consistently and therefore retain their members earn between $1,500 and $4,000 per month.

"What do Betting Gods do for me?"

We handle everything except picking the selections. We organise advertising, press releases and reviews. We manage all customer support queries. We deal with web hosting. We make tips accessible to subscribers.

"How am I paid my share?"

We sell through Clickbank currently. When a sale is made, your 40% is paid instantly into your free Clickbank account in real time. As soon as a sale is made, you earn your commission.

"Why Betting Gods over other tipster networks?"

Naturally, we think Betting Gods are a superior network and this comes down to our honesty and transparency as well as the reach we gain across the globe with visitors from 158 countries.

"Why do you need 4 months of proofing?"

With 4 months of results, we can be confident that your tips are profitable and reliable. It also gives us plenty of results to use in the marketing material and stats we use to sell your service.

"I have more questions, can I speak to someone?"

If you find yourself with further questions about becoming a tipster then feel free to email us