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The Future Of US Online Gambling With President Trump
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The Future Of US Online Gambling With President Trump

For many countries, online gambling is a fairly straightforward thing. It’s legal, and you can go on sites and gamble away as you please. I’m sure many readers have had plenty of fun doing so. But, for the US, things are a bit more complicated than this.

There are many different laws to do with online gambling in the US. It can differ from state to state, as there is no overall law for or against it. In some places, it’s illegal to gamble online. As a result, there have been many consequences. For example, some credit card companies ban payments to online betting sites. They don’t want to be seen funding accounts on illegal sites. So, they have a general restriction to cover all states. This can make online gambling very difficult for some to achieve. When it comes to sports betting, there are clearer federal laws at play. It is illegal for sites to accept any bets on sports.

America has just spent the last year or so embroiled in a presidential election. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that Donald Trump won. Some people see this as a positive, while others see it as the worst thing ever. But, what does it mean for online gambling laws? Will they become more relaxed, or will we see even tighter laws restricting it in the future? In this blog, I want to explore this topic and talk about the future of online gambling with Mr. Trump as president.

Trump Calls For Change

One of the main reasons Trump won the election was because he stood for change. People were sick of what the old government has done and wanted a change in power. They thought it was time for a new leader, someone who is different to other candidates. He promised such extreme changes to numerous important policies in the US. Okay, granted, he didn’t really touch upon his gambling policy. In the grand scheme of things, this wasn’t something that would persuade voters to choose him. So, his actual thoughts on the policy are unknown. However, based on the fact he wants changes to the democratic system, it’s fair to assume he’ll change other policies. After all, people voted for him because they saw him as one of them. He spoke his mind, he was a ‘man of the people.’ Changing the gambling laws in the country seems like something he’d be keen to do. It reasserts his status as a candidate that’s different to other politicians. He wants to create laws for Americans, to make the country great again. He’s all about giving Americans their freedom within the country.

Look at it from the perspective of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats for a second. She lost mainly because people thought she showed no signs of changing things. Would she go out of her way to change the gambling policy? I wouldn’t bet on it! Trump represents change, meaning he could easily change some policies that oppress peoples freedom.

He Has Links With Las Vegas

Some people don’t know this, but Donald Trump has some strong links to Las Vegas. In fact, he used to own a casino in the gambling capital of the world! Plus, one of his largest campaign donors was a businessman that owned casinos in Las Vegas. Some people think this connection with the gambling world could influence his decision. After all, it certainly shows an acceptance for gambling, which means he may have a positive reaction to online gambling also. I think there’d be less chance he’d call for change without these links to Las Vegas.

Pro-Trump States Don’t Have Anti-Online Gambling Legislations

It’s also worth noting that some of the biggest pro-Trump states don’t consider online gambling to be illegal. In two of the key battlegrounds (Ohio and North Carolina), they don’t have anti-online gambling laws. You could look at this as a positive for online gambling in the US as a whole. If the biggest pro-Trump states aren’t against it, why would he enforce a law to make it illegal? It’s likely he’ll want to do things that please his voters and keep his loyal supporters.

All things considered, it would be reasonable to think online gaming laws could change with President Trump in charge. He’s a man that’s keen to make a lot of changes in the government. Whether all of these changes are good remains to be seen. Of course, we won’t know anything for sure until the subject is approached. But, it looks more likely that online gambling will be legal everywhere than it did with the old regime; opening up a range of opportunities for punters and betting companies alike.

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