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The Crucial Stats When Betting On NFL
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The Crucial Stats When Betting On NFL

Sports betting is a unique world in its own. It requires the bettor to use as many stats and facts as they possibly can to be at their A-game. Unless you are aware of all the important stats of a team and the individual players, you will never be able to be at par with the bettors who are betting with years of experience on their hands.

Keeping a close eye on the stats becomes all the more important when you are dealing with NFL betting. From keeping a track of the running backs, receivers and quarterbacks, there are many different stats you need to be well-versed with. If you plan to become a winning NFL bettor, you need to bring in your best game which is not possible until you have more information on the players and the team than the average bettors out there. This extra information and know-how of the stats is what makes all the difference when it comes to NFL betting.

Why Keeping an Eye on Stats is Important

If you are looking to be a consistent winner in the NFL betting arena, you need to work hard to know at least what others know. Having a knowledge of these stats is what makes all the difference between winning and losing. If you have been in the NFL betting game for some time, you would know how thin the line is between winning and losing. This is where the importance of having information comes in. All it takes is following the players and the games closely for some weeks and you will be noticing a trend that will take you way forward in the NFL betting arena. Remember, you are putting a good amount of money on stake and having some prior information about the stats will make it much less likely to lose this money.

NFL Stats Bettors Must Track

Here are the important NFL stats that will make all the difference between winning and losing a bet on NFL.

Team Stats

When you are betting on a specific team on NFL, you need to be well aware of the stats of that particular team. These include but are not limited to the following:

Offensive Yards Per Carry: You will be better off than other bettors when you track the offensive yards per carry for the entire team than the individual players. A team that has a better running back will most likely have better yards per carry as compared to the other.

Offensive Yards Per Pass: The effectiveness of the passing games of the team can be very well judged with the yards per pass attempt. Include everything from interceptions and calculating turnovers separately to get a more accurate evaluation of the team’s ability.

Defensive Yards Per Carry: It is important to know the average yards per carry for the defensive and offensive team prior to the game to get an edge over the other bettors. Track the defensive unit as a whole to get a clear picture of where the defensive and the offensive team stand.

Defensive Yards Per Pass Attempt: Another very important team stat to know is how many per pass attempts are allowed which make you able to compare teams in a better way. More importantly, it is better to gauge this statistic in terms of the entire team rather than individual players.

Team Turnovers: Turnovers in the team can make a team win or lose a game. Turnovers are an important team statistic that can affect the game. Keep an eye on the offensive and defensive turnovers for each team to be in a better position to bet on a team.

With the help of these team stats, you will be able to establish a general picture about how each team will perform in a game. It is advised that when you are analyzing the teams on these stats, mark them against specific opponents to get a clear picture of where a particular team stands.

Individual and Group Stats

If you want to be a winning bettor, you must consider individual and group stats of the teams as well in addition to the team stats. Here are the individual stats to keep an eye on:

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Offensive Running Back: There is a simple rule when it comes to offensive running backs; having better running backs in a team increases the chances of yards per carry.

Receivers: It is important to know who the receivers are and how well-versed they are with their game as they can make all the difference in winning and losing.

Offensive Line: When you plan to bet on a particular team, make sure you choose the one with the best offensive lines as these players are better prepared to be successful than the others.

Defensive Frontline:Check out the individual ability of the team players in the defensive frontline as they are the ones who will pressure the quarterback.

Defensive Linebackers: You also need to keep a close eye on the defensive linebackers in each team. Check how well are they performing and then bet accordingly.

Quarterbacks: Analyse the quarterbacks individually for each team and compare them to each other.

When you are done comparing the stats for individual players of each team, compare them to the ones of the players they will be playing against to know where they stand.

Recent and Past Performance

Past and recent performances of each team serve as a guidepost that can help you predict their future performance as well. Consider the changes the teams have made in their line-up and adjust your betting accordingly. Also keep an eye on any changes in the health of the team, how well-versed and experienced the coach is and what happened when the two teams met in the last encounter.

If you want to be at your top game when it comes to NFL betting, you must keep an eye on these important stats. It is important to do your homework before you engage in NFL betting as it will ensure that you end up on a winning note.

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