The Bet365 Partial Cash Out – Gimmick Or Great Tool?

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The Bet365 Partial Cash Out – Gimmick Or Great Tool?

Posted March 25, 2015 | By Tim @ Betting Gods

As someone who bets on a wide variety of sports, I’m keen to utilise every possible advantage that bookmakers or betting exchanges are kindly willing to offer. So, when Bet365 introduced a partial cash-out extension to their recent cash-out option, last week – it was time to check out whether it’s a great tool or a gimmick!

What Bet365’s Partial Cash-Out Allows You to do

Bet 365’s cash-out allows you to primarily take a return on events you’ve bet on prior to the conclusion of the event – and in this respect is very much like cashing-out on one of the popular betting exchanges such as Betfair. However, Bet365 have now incorporated a partial cash-out option that enables you to just cash-out part of your bet if you want to guarantee a return whilst still allowing part of your bet to run, which seemingly has elevated Bet365’s cash-out option to the level of partial-laying back on the exchanges.

However, it also seemingly offers one major advantage over the exchanges, in that sometimes there is no liquidity on the exchanges to cash-in a bet because nobody wants to back your selection when you want to lay it.

How to Cash-out

Whereas Bet365’s cash-out feature just used to offer you a figure in-running (in-play) at which you could settle your bet win or lose, very much like Betfair’s mobile cash-out option, Bet365 have now incorporated an easy-to-use slider that enables you to cash-in on part of your bet and leave the rest running.

The amount you can take, and the amount you will still win on the retained portion of your bet, is displayed clearly – and can be altered quickly and easily. However, if you’ve placed a bet on a tennis match, for example, beware that odds can change pretty quickly.

How do I know Which Bets I Can Cash-Out

Simply login to your Bet365 account and check “MY BETS” – where you’ll find each eligible bet has both a complete cash-out option and a slider for the partial cash-out option attached to it.

Other Advantages

Bet365 prices are sometimes equal or better than the Betting Exchange prices, and this new option gives you the chance to cash-out just like you would on the exchanges – so it should be a win-win, best-of-both-worlds situation.

It’s also a great option to have when you’ve placed doubles, trebles or accumulators. For example, if the ground changes after your first selection has won, and it won’t suit your other selection(s) – you have the chance to cash-out.


Bet365’s back a winner at 4/1 or more on a Channel 4 race and get a free matching bet on the next Channel 4 race is void on cashed-out bets – but I guess that’s only fair.

Bearing all that in mind, I think Bet365’s partial cash-out feature is well worth considering when their odds are in line or better than the exchanges – especially with no doubts over liquidity if you want to cash-in.

However, if you’ve used it guys – let us know what you think of it.

Great Tool or Gimmick?

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    How do you work out how much money they’ll take off your winning return if you accept a partial cash because bet365 doesn’t let you know what you’ll be left with.


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