10 Must Read Sports Betting Books
10 Must Read Sports Betting Books

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10 Must Read Sports Betting Books

Posted February 21, 2018 | By Lewis @ Betting Gods

If you’re looking for the best sports betting books that money can buy then we’ve compiled our list of must reads. Whether it’s something to read in bed before you head off to sleep or something to browse through during your train journey to work, there’s something in our top XX books for everyone. Our list contains autobiographies from well known faces, betting guidebooks and more.

Sports Betting Books for Beginners

If you’re new to betting and are looking for a guide or two to increase your knowledge then these are the books for you:

The Definitive Guide to Betting on the Horses – Get it Here

There are a few guides out there for beginners such as Betting on the Horses for Dummies but many of them take the basics to the extreme. They’re almost patronising! Instead, we highly recommend this definitive guide from the Racing Post. It contains advice from industry experts such as Graham Dench, Tom Segal and Paul Kealy.

The Definitive Guide to Betting on the Football – Get it Here

If you’re more interested in betting on the football then the Racing Post have got you covered yet again with this perfect introductory guide. As previously, they’ve pulled together experts, which includes Kevin Pullein the Racing Post football commentator, to create one of the best football betting books for beginners.

The Betting Edge – Get it Here

The 2% figure is thrown around all the time… Only 2% of punters end up with a profit in the long term and so on. In order to make it into that 2% you need to ensure you’ve got extensive knowledge of bank management, strategy, psychology and more. David-Lee Priest covers it all in his essential book.

Sports Betting Books for Pro Punters

These are books written for punters by pro punters. If you’re interested in learning either advanced betting techniques or want to get into the mind of a pro gambler, then these are the sports betting books for you:

Enemy Number One – Get it Here

Patrick Veitch is one of the most famous pro gamblers out there having pulled in a staggering £10,000,000 from the bookies over an 8 year period. Veitch doesn’t just look at the glory days though. He looks at the consequences of his gambling fame which lead to him wearing a bulletproof jacket and having police protection.

Gambling for Life – Get it Here

No professional punter has had a life quite as colourful as Harry Findlay, the author of Gambling for Life. From his first bet at the age of sixteen, to a spell in prison through to placing £2.5 million on a single rugby match – Harry covers it all! Unlike most books, Harry’s book is a 100% honest account of life as a pro gambler from the glamorous highs to the rock bottom lows.

A Bloody Good Winner – Get it Here

Perhaps not as well-known as the previous two pro gamblers, Dave Nevison has also put together a book about his life as a winning punter. If you want to get some insider gambling tips from a punter who has proved you can win at the bookies, then Nevison’s book is for you.

The Sure Thing: The Greatest Coup in Horse Racing History – Get it Here

In 1975, Barney Curley cost the bookmakers millions of pounds thanks to a horse called Yellow Sam. Was it a fluke? No! Curley did the same again in 2010 and 2014 taking huge sums from the bookies. The Sure Thing by Nick Townsend tells the story of how Barney Curley was able to pull off some of the biggest gambles in history.

Monsieur X – Get it Here

Patrice des Moutis might not be a name you recognise in the UK, but he took on the bookies in France during the 1950s through to the 1970s. His story isn’t quite as simple as winning though after the French government criminalised his activities sending him into the underworld. If you’re after a gripping book that reads like a fictional thriller then check out Monsieur X.

Autobiographies from Sporting Legends

With a focus on horse racing here at Betting Gods, we had to recommend a few books from notorious jockeys and famous trainers. If you want to get into the mind of some of the most famous faces in the world of sports then these are a must read:

Form: My Autobiography – Get it Here

Kieren Fallon is probably one of the most notorious jockeys in the history of horse racing having been crowned Champion Jockey 6 times. In his autobiography, he looks at his career both on and off the race course. From winning some of the biggest races on the calendar to working with some of the best trainers in the world through to the dealing with the pressure.

Sports Betting Books
Winner: My Racing Life – Get it Here

Even if you were to ask someone who has no interest in horse racing to name a jockey, they’ll probably name A.P. McCoy. This book is the autobiography of A.P. and with over 100 positive reviews on Amazon, it’s an essential for any horse racing fan. Having won over 4,300 races, A.P. writes about his career from the first time he got on a horse through to his final race at Sandown.

Have we missed any of your favourite sports betting books of our list? If we have, let us know in the comments section below as there are plenty of gambling books available which we haven’t included in our list above.

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