Short Odds Betting – An Overview
Short Odds Betting – An Overview

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Short Odds Betting – An Overview

Posted June 1, 2015 | By Adam @ Betting Gods

Whether it’s Chelsea to win at home against a bottom of the table struggler or Celtic to win the Scottish Premier League, one would assume that there are enough short-priced selections out there to cumulatively make a few quid over time.

The problem is that no matter how much of a sure thing something may seem, a massive upset is never too far away and serves as an often painful reminder that nothing in life is certain!

The lure is that most of us would fancy our chances at picking out a long odds-on favourite from an entire day’s worth of betting opportunities.

If we began with a starting balance of £10 and committed to placing our entire bank on one selection per day with odds of at least 1/5, we would hit the £100 mark in exactly 2 weeks. Get away with it for a whole month and you’d be sat on a cool £2,000.

Here are some previous and current bets which have all been 1/5 or greater:

  • Anthony Joshua to beat Kevin Johnson by way of knockout
  • West Ham United NOT to be relegated in the 2015/16 season
  • Arsenal to finish in the top four in the 2015/16 season
  • Frankel’s SP for his final race in an unbeaten career

It really does look easy doesn’t it and, the truth of the matter is, that it should be!

Odds as low as this obviously imply a significant favouritism and it is genuinely easy to string together a few back to back wins.

Unfortunately, consistency is the key and it only take one horse pulling up injured or a ‘park the bus’ style performance from a weak away team to throw your entire sequence back to square one.

Having spoken to a number of different people who have attempted to make it a month to remember from a starting stake of just £10, the same reasons for failing seem to come up time and time again.

The first and foremost reason is patience, or lack thereof! Those who enjoy ‘betting’ can find it difficult to rigidly stick to just one bet per day on a short-price favourite.

After the win, it’s easy to look again for more possibles which fit the bill in order to accelerate the profit, but the discipline of researching and sticking by 1/5 selections can quickly become lost.

In order to avoid this, it’s important to designate your starting stake into its own betting bank, completely set aside for one 1/5 punt per day and not to be muddled with other ongoing betting ventures.

This way, you can see your money growing over time without interruption from spur of the moment whims or spontaneous flutters.

‘Luck’ is very much subjective in the whole affair. Although it may seem ‘unlucky’ for your long odds-on favourite to fall at the last or for the goal-phobic Brown Ideye to bag a late equaliser for Brom at Stamford Bridge, these outcomes are all factored into the price you take in the first place.

Although many a television remote and dare I say worse have met their maker following an unforetold blunder, it’s these incredible, game-defining moment that keep us coming back week after week.


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    That’s all from Betting Gods this week. Be sure to join us again next week as we pick our way through the science behind horse ratings and how you can use these to make significant increases in your overall profits. Until then, good luck!

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    1. Avatar

      A good friend of mine is very much a short odds better. Last season he made a profit, but this season, he retired from betting forever after losing a substantial amount of Chelsea vs Bradford! We all know how that one turned out..

    2. Avatar

      I can’t resist a little “PUNT” on these types of bets and have one running a the moment, but not as you describe. ” Who has the PATIENCE to wait for one win?”

      Here is a current bet I have running – its going quite well and at 5:1 overall and only £2 to win £10 I won’t be crying if it loses, but if it wins its a nice win.
      Sixfold(s) To Win

      Holland @ 1.20 : Match Betting : Open : Latvia v Holland
      Spain @ 1.22 : Match Betting : RESULT -Won : Spain v Costa Rica
      Japan @ 1.28 : Match Betting: RESULT : Won : Japan v Iraq
      Norway @ 1.33 : Match Betting : Open : Norway v Azerbaijan
      Turkey @ 1.40 : Match Betting : Open : Kazakhstan v Turkey
      Chile @ 1.50 : Match Betting : Open : Chile v Ecuador

      Stake: £2.00
      Potential Returns: £10.56

      One I did recently was to add all live games with 2 goal lead, over 45 mins gone, to a horse, I picked up 12 matches and increasing my odds by 5X – they all WON.

    3. Avatar

      chances are hat 5/1 will come in but if you have a 10 point back and continually bet on that type of acc. i bet odds in youll make money as most will come in and at 5/1 you can afford to loose a few :)


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