September 2018: The Winners And Losers


September 2018: The Winners And Losers

Posted October 3, 2018 | By Lewis @ Betting Gods

It’s another turn of events at Betting Gods, and this time for the worse. With 460pts of profit in August, we were on a real roll but many tipsters failed to carry that momentum into September which did mean, network wide, we were down 18pts.

As bad as this may sound, 14 of the tipsters did end September with a profit and the majority of the losses came from just 3 tipsters who hit particularly torrid runs. So, as always, let first start by taking a look at the top performers:

The Winners

The clear winner of September was Quentin Franks Racing who produced 235% more profit than the next best tipster in September. With a staggering 70pts profit on the horse racing, Quentin cemented his position as one of the best tipster both on the Betting Gods network and across the internet.

Flat Racing Master put in another impressive showing to become the second best performer in September with 21pts profit.

The ever-reliable Bookies Enemy was not far behind with another 20pts profit to bring his total profit since launching the service up to over £4,500 with £10 bets!

Other top performances came from Top 20 Golf Tips, Chloe’s Football Focus, Premier Greyhound Tips and The Boxing Betting Tipster who all managed to hit double digits.

The Losers

The Racing King (who coincidentally is one of the best performers of October so far), was the worst performer in September with 42pts lost. He really struggled to pick up a winner and came close all-too-often. We trust The Racing King and believe in his ability to turn it around this month.

Rodney struggled on the US racing in September losing a similar 40pts to The Racing King. It’s been a bumpy ride for Rodney of late but we’re hopeful he can ride it out.

The eSports Betting Tipster has gone from the real highs in August to the rock bottom lows in September having lost 38pts profit. He’s be in serious trouble had it not been for the outstanding showing in the previous month.

The Golf Betting Expert was looking to be one of the worst performers in September but thankfully saved himself from disaster with a decent final weekend. He still lost 27pts but we can cope with that on the golf.

The Overall Picture

With an already exciting start to October showing plenty of promise across the services, let’s see if we can put September behind us and repeat the performance of August. Here’s an overview of every tipster and their performance in September:

Tipster NameProfit in PointsProfit with £10 Stakes
Total Profit-18.82pts-£188.20
Quentin Franks Racing70.87pts£708.70
Flat Racing Master21.14pts£211.40
The Bookies Enemy20.10pts£201.00
Top 20 Golf Tips19.51pts£195.10
Chloe's Football Focus15.33pts£153.30
Premier Greyhound Tips14.18pts£141.80
The Boxing Betting Tipster14.00pts£140.00
Robert Fraser's Tennis Tips6.20pts£62.00
The BSP Tipster5.88pts£58.00
Ultimate Football Tips5.22pts£52.20
Speedway Guru4.88pts£48.80
The Football Guru3.52pts£35.20
QF Value Tips3.43pts£34.30
Top Rated Runners1.46pts£14.60
The Football Formula-0.05pts-£0.50
Draw Master-6.63pts-£66.30
Each Way Leader-6.99pts-£69.90
Master Racing Tipster-7.11pts-£71.10
Cricket Betting Tipster-13.83pts-£138.30
Rod's Runners-18.05pts-£180.50
Max Racing Partnership-23.18pts-£231.80
Golf Betting Expert-27.25pts-£272.50
eSports Betting Tipster-38.31pts-£383.10
Rod's US Runners-40.50pts-£405.00
The Racing King-42.63pts-£426.30

If you follow any of the tipsters, let us know in the comments section below who you’ve enjoyed following or even who you’re not enjoying:

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  1. Avatar

    That.s not the whole picture is it? As subscribers (me included) to JB Racing will tell you, he resigned part way through the month having lost about 60 points as I remember. You’ve not included that figure in the total.

    • Darren @ Betting Gods
      Darren @ Betting Gods

      Thanks for letting us know.
      As you mentioned he’s no longer with Betting Gods so has been excluded from this post.

  2. Avatar

    Yes but you can’t just exclude him from the grand total just because he resigned. Subscribers followed him and they lost money – ok, that’s racing and it happens – no complaints at all on that score – but it still means that anyone following all the tipsters would have lost nearer 80 points than the 18 which you claim in paragraph 1.


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