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September 2017: The Winners And Losers

September 2017: The Winners And Losers

With a handful of new tipsters and a few old ones leaving us after hitting long-term bad form, it certainly has been a month of change here at Betting Gods and we hope for the better. So let’s start with who’s done well.

The Winners

Robert Fraser’s Racing Tips, our Betfair SP tipster, managed to turn it around completely. Having been one of the worst performers in August, Robert was out to prove a point and that’s exactly what he did after pulling in an impressive 58.49pts profit to Betfair SP after Betfair’s 5% commission has been paid too.

We’re sticking with Robert as we have to mention the Robert Fraser’s Tennis Tips service too. 63.63pts profit on the tennis is incredible and we’re so happy to have Robert’s tennis service here on Betting Gods (as are his members).

Next up is QF Value Tips who recorded a 92pt profit for September which as a stat on it’s own is impressive. But what’s more impressive is the fact this was produced from just 31 bets with an ROI of 236.7%?!

We also have to give shout outs to Max Racing Partnership and Flat Racing Master who both pulled in around 50pts profit each from their horse racing tips proving they’re as reliable as ever.

Golf Betting Expert also deserves a mention having turned around what was looking like a dire month thanks to picking the 66/1 British Masters winners, Paul Dunne to end September up just over 37pts.

Our final praise goes to Footy Doubles who pulled in over 28pts profit from his regular doubles on the football, as the name would suggest of course. Chris’ service has gone on to receive huge praise from members, who have been following his tips for several months now, thanks to the simple and low-risk nature of his service.

The Losers

Rod’s Runners has probably had one of the biggest falls from grace of any tipster at Betting Gods having gone from being number 1 in August to almost the worst performer of the month with over 80pts lost. It’s certainly discouraging as a member of the service but Rodney isn’t denying this has been a terrible month for him and is hoping to turn things around in October.

The other shocking performance of September came from The Football Guru who actually managed to outdo Rodney’s poor run of form with an 86pt loss in September – Certainly not an ideal figure for a football tipster in the middle of the season.

A few other tipsters did lose a little bit of money in September, but nothing particularly shocking and based on their past form, they’ll highly likely to turn it back around through October.

The Overall Picture

Overall it has been another solid month for the Betting Gods tipsters who have netted a total profit of over 266pts through September. Below you can see a full breakdown of how each tipster performed:

Tipster NameProfit in PointsProfit with £10 Stakes
QF Value Tips92.33pts£923.30
Robert Fraser's Tennis Tips63.63pts£636.30
Robert Fraser's Racing Tips58.49pts£584.90
Flat Racing Master53.87pts£538.70
Max Racing Partnership47.26pts£472.60
Pinnacle Racing Tips42.59pts£425.90
Golf Betting Expert37.80pts£378.00
Footy Doubles28.25pts£282.50
Big Race Bookie Busters17.22pts£172.20
Premier Greyhound Tips16.38pts£163.80
Pro Footy Tips15.05pts£150.50
Master Racing Tipster10.49pts£104.90
The Football Formula7.60pts£76.00
The Boxing Tipster5.19pts£51.90
Quentin Franks Racing-7.83pts-£78.30
Hat Trick Hero-9.92pts-£99.20
Value Racing Tips-12.46pts-£124.60
SB Racing Tips-13.97pts-£139.70
The Each Way King-15.20pts-£152.00
Rod's Runners-83.62pts-£836.20
The Football Guru-86.20pts-£862.00
Total Profit266.95pts£2,669.50

If you follow any of the tipsters, let us know in the comments section below who you’ve enjoyed following:

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  1. Hi Betting Gods, your free football bet double for today, can’t find it? Would it be possible to add which Country the teams come from? Cheers Dave.

  2. As someone who is restricted by nearly all bookmakers I find the tipsters that post early eg value Racing are no good to people like me as the prices are cut straight away,where as the later tipsters are ok as the prices have settled down and like Flat Race Masters I can still make decent profits


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