Realistic Expectations The Key To Happy Punting

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Realistic Expectations The Key To Happy Punting

Posted December 13, 2016 | By Tim @ Betting Gods

Whether you’ve been betting for years and haven’t been able to make betting pay, or you’re a complete betting novice about to embark on a new and exciting betting-adventure – realistic expectations are the key to happy punting.

The Betting Gods’ ethos has always been to only offer tipping services from tipsters that have proved their expertise over several months and, though there will be losing months with most services, punters should make a long-term profit. Betting Gods also showcases every tip from every tipster on our books, and highlights each tipster’s average monthly profit, average Return On Investment (ROI), and average strike-rate – allowing punters to assess the realistic average returns they can expect on a long-term investment in a tipping service.

Average Monthly Profit

All profits at Betting Gods are declared to a £10-Per-Point Stakes. Therefore, if your chosen tipster averages 20-points profit each month, you should averagely make £200-per-month profit. However, as this is just an average profit, expect each month to yield a different amount of profit. You may be lucky enough to make £400 of profit in your first month, but then only break-level in month two – however this would still yield an average profit of £200-a-month. You may even make £600 one month but, as it’s very rare for a tipster to not have some losing months during a year, be prepared that the law of averages means that a losing month of -£200 is likely at some point.

Average Return On Investment (ROI)

ROI basically means what you can expect to get back for every pound you invest. Therefore, if a tipster has an average ROI of 25%, and recommends having bets totalling £10,000 a year, you will be hoping to make an annual profit of £2,500. However, the ROI on betting on horses is more comparable to betting on stocks and shares rather than putting savings in a bank account. In a bank-account you simply put your money in for a fixed period of say 12-months and at the end of that long-term period you get an agreed interest rate which is then added to your balance. However, when investing in stocks and shares you must expect periods of high-yield, average-yield, low-yield and negative yield – and it is the same with betting on horseracing or other sports. However, with ROI’s ranging from 5% to 50%, Betting Gods averages much better yields than the banks – just make sure your investment is long-term as it would be in stocks and shares. Similarly, to average profit, if a tipster produces a ROI of 40% one month, it is likely that he will have a month that yields just 10% – but you’ll still average 25% ROI over those two months.

Average Strike Rate

Strike Rates are often a personal preference. High Strike Rates usually mean there is less risk of a long losing run, though these high strike rates are often achieved by betting on selections with low-odds. For example, you wouldn’t expect a tipster whose selections have average odds of 5/1 to have a strike rate comparable to a tipster who backs horse with average odds of 4/6. Also, just like average profit and average ROI, there will be months in which the strike rate exceeds the average and months in which it is lower than average. Therefore, the most important consideration is to start with the recommended betting bank, so you can deal with months of high-yield and low-yield just as easily.

Remember that long-term investment in a tipster is the key to your long-term profits and that realistic expectation is the key to happy punting!

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    Punting with bettinggods is the best option for anyone because I have never seen transparency in the internet with tipsters and betting like bettinggods. God keep blessing bettinggods with more wisdom because I will be starting soon. Nsikan A

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    Hi, I have just signed up. It all sounds very promising but I am overwhelemed as to where to even begin and which bets to do. Am I supposed to bet on these football events individually or do I put them in an acca?

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    Yes Hello, I Am A Bettor I Make Enough Research Before Betting, But The Truth I Am Always Beaten,i Have Lost Lots Of Money. I Have Provided My Email Please I Need Your Help With Daily Fixed Matches Or Extra Sure Matches. Thanks Alot

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    I’m ashamed to admit that, in the past, I have been one to join a tipping service and then cancel when I didn’t make a profit in my first month. It’s taken me a while but I’ve finally learned my lesson. I currently subscribe to two BG services (neither of whom are having a great month so far, but the losses of one have been cancelled out by the winnings of the other). I definitely agree that the trick is to keep your head and be in it for the long haul. The ROI over the long term invariable beats what you can get in a savings account.


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