Race For Champions League Spots Wide Open

Last Updated: February 5, 2018

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With just over 10 games to go, the race for the remaining Champions League spots is still wide open…one of the many reasons we’ve all come to love Premier League. With so many strong teams in the same league, we have come to realize that pretty much anything can happen at any time!

The race is on; with 5 points clear of Liverpool in 3rd spot, Manchester United seems to be somewhat in the clear of the other Champions League contenders, but there’s still lots of hard work to be done.

For quite a while, there was a comfortable distance separating top 4 from the rest, but after a very interesting transfer window, Arsenal is looking once again to become a real threat to those crucial Champions League spots.

With three assists in his debut game for Arsenal, Mkhitaryan may finally have found his feet in the Premier League. And with another new arrival Aubameyang scoring in his first game, this may be the ingredients that Arsenal have been lacking for some time.

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And once again, Tottenham managed to steal points from one of their top table rivals, Liverpool. Tottenham managed to equalize and make it 2-2, after receiving a strongly debated penalty kick at the death of injury time. Tottenham are now just one point behind Chelsea (who has one game in hand) and two points behind Liverpool in 3rd place.

Despite the draw this weekend, I don’t think anyone expects Manchester City to lose their grip on the number 1 spot, so we’re going to put that discussion to rest for now. But as for their local rival, Manchester United, they have been much less than stable at times. Personally, I would not be surprised if even United’s bid for the Champions League will be seriously threatened as we’re approaching the end of the season. Despite new signing Sanchez promising start, the last game against Huddersfield left United fans with lots to wish for.

Whatever happens, two of these giants will miss out on next season’s Champions League and right now it’s hard to tell which teams that will be.

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