Punter Corners A Big Win Thanks To Europa League ACCA

Posted March 5, 2014

By Darren @ Betting Gods

There was another big football betting winner in the UK recently, as someone netted a return of £27k from a five match accumulator.

Landing accumulators are hard enough to do on their own, and so too is getting anywhere near £27k profit from a single bet. But the winning punter in this one, just about made as difficult and as complicated as they could have done for themselves in a bet, but still it all managed to pay off.

The five matches in question were all from the last round of Europa League matches, so finally someone has clearly found something entertaining about the competition. Finally it has produced some value and some big value at that, because one punter managed to turn a £5 wager into a £27,000 profit, from just one night’s work. Not a bad way to spend a Thursday evening.

But this bet was special. There has been a lot of big accumulator winners announced during the current football season, with bookmakers getting hit left, right and centre. But this was special. It was just about as tough of a bet ever to land as it can get, because the selections weren’t just based on the outright winners in the matches.

The Corners Market is perhaps what makes this bet so special. It is a bit of an unforgiving market, because you can read through stats and just not find anything useful to help you in predicting whether the corner count in a match is going to go over or under 10, for example. This is completely random. So making that call alone, which this punter did would have been tough enough, but they mixed the Corner Market in with a Win/Draw/Win selection and Card Index.

So that’s three outcomes in one game which was needed for a selection to come up, and just to put the icing on the cake of betting unlikelihood in getting a return, the five bets were lumped together in an accumulator.

The selections were:

Sevilla to win. Under 10 corners. Card Index:Under 50 pts @ 9/2

Benfica to win. Under 10 corners. Card Index:Under 50 pts @ 5/1

Tottenham to win. Under 11 corners. Card Index:Over 40 pts @ 11/2

Under 10 Corners & Card Index Under 50 points @ 16/5

Napoli to win. Under 10 corners. Card Index:Under 50 pts @5/1

But miraculously it worked, and really, you just never know. It worked to the tune of £27,000 worth of profit, which isn’t to be sneezed at. The lengths that the punter went to get it though, was just pretty remarkable.

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