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Posted August 8, 2016

By Darren @ Betting Gods

You’d be mistaken for thinking that putting your money on the right horse is all you need to do in order to be a successful gambler. Unfortunately, in the world of modern betting, this isn’t quite true. Becoming a successful punter is about playing your hand against the bookies themselves as much as against the other betters. That’s why it’s important to spread your bets between multiple bookmaker accounts.

multiple bookmaker accounts
The Problem

Bookmakers these days run a pretty sophisticated operation. Every time you place a bet, that bet is being recorded; your record of wins and losses is permanently tracked and profiled, and if you’ve been clubbing together with friends to make the same bets (or using a tipping service, for example), your bookmakers will know that your accounts are connected. Got a friend who always wins big on the horses? If you’ve been taking tips from them before, your account may actually be affected by your friend’s success, because your bookies will know that you get your tips from them.

This kind of tracking can lead to bookies doing anything from altering the stakes you are offered on different bets to actually banning your account from placing bets. At the end of the day, like you, bookies are in it for profit, and if they see you’re winning too much, they’re going to twist the tables in their favour. If you always win on the horses but lose at the football, they might limit your stakes for the horses but let you bet as much as you like on the football. This is devious, but not impossible to work around.

The Solution

Fortunately, you’re not limited to just one bookie; there are plenty of them around, and by setting up accounts with as many different bookies as you have time for, you’re bound to help yourself in the long run. In fact, it is not just important but essential to spread your bets over multiple bookmaker accounts if you’re serious about making money on your punts.

When using multiple accounts, the key is variety. Don’t place all your football bets with one account, but a couple with one, and a couple with another, and so on. This makes it much harder for bookies to track your betting record and get an accurate picture of where you’re likely to make your wins and losses. If you’re planning to put £100 on a game, try putting two bets of £50 on with two different bookies, to spread out your win.

By using multiple accounts, you’ll get offered better odds on the bets you’re more likely to win on than if you use just one. You’ll also have a higher staking level, so that the amount you can stake on a bet increases. On the other hand, if you don’t use multiple bookmaker accounts, you’ll find yourself severely limited in the bets that you can place. Don’t forget that the aim of these limitations is to limit your wins, but not your losses. By letting bookies track your win record, you’re letting the chips stack up against you. Essentially, betting through multiple accounts is the only way to make it a fair game.

And there’s more…

There are a few other added bonuses to using multiple bookmaker accounts. Often, when you sign up a new account with a bookmaker, you’ll be granted access to unique sign-up offers and deals which are not available to current account holders. By using multiple accounts, you’ll be able to take advantage of these deals a little more often.

It’s also never a bad idea to spread out your risk. By holding multiple different accounts with different bookmakers, you’re not putting all of your eggs in one basket, and if something should happen to one of your bookmakers which means that you might make a loss or your account is blocked, you will still have your other bookmaker accounts to fall back on. This all might sound unlikely, but if you’re relying on making a steady income or decent cash-on-the-side from your punting, you’ll want to be covered even in the case of unlikely worst-case scenarios.

It might sound too much like unnecessary admin to manage multiple bookmaker accounts, but if you’re placing bets every day with the same bookmaker, you’ll soon see how much your future betting career is going to be limited. One bookie is fine for those of us who just have a flutter on pay day, but multiple bookies is realistically the only way to go if you want to make a good profit on your punts.

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    I don’t think bookies tracking is as sophisticated as you think. There are thousands of sources of tips ranging from the man in the pub, to every daily newspaper, sporting websites, television pundits, free tipping services, paid tipping services and even tips on the bookies own websites! The same horse may be tipped by multiple tipsters at any one time. Bookies cannot follow every tipster’s selection and it would cost them a fortune to subscribe to every service. I’ve had an account with one online bookmaker for years and have had tens of thousands of ££ from them, whereas other bookies have limited my account where I’ve actually lost money with them over the long term. Another bookie closed my account after my first bet! I don’t know what their criteria is for limiting accounts, but it certainly isn’t anything to do with the source of tips – in my experience. It’s more likely an algorithm based on bet size, bet frequency, time bets are placed (early odds and market liquidity at the time the bet is placed etc.), strike rate, profit/loss on the account, return on investment etc…..who knows! Are there any ex-bookie traders out there?

  2. Avatar

    It’s the only way to go, when some bookmakers limit your bets when you win less than £500 from them Bet Fred,Boyles to name two the only alternative one has is Bet Fair and exchange.

  3. Avatar

    I agree with all Dave H says. Skybet, Paddypower, Boyles, to name but 3, have stopped me from betting on their sites despite my max bet never exceeding #100 – most of the time I bet #10. Can anyone tell me if I can bet on Betfair’s Sportsbook and lay the same bet on the the Exchange. I am afraid to try as Betfair is my main source of profit. Thanks in advance

    • Darren @ Betting Gods
      Darren @ Betting Gods

      Hi Neil, I see no reason at all why you can’t do that.
      The exchange has no limitations and you’re not betting against Betfair so to speak so you should be able to do it all day long.

    • Avatar

      If you bet with betfair sport book and then lay on betfair exchange betfair will close the sports book side of your account. You can always lay off with Smarkets or betdaq exchange. Smarkets is only 2% commission.

  4. Avatar

    Has anyone had their betfair sportsbook account on here closed? And if so, how many times approximately how many bets did you place on the sportsbook and then lay the same bet on the exchange before betfair banned the sportsbook account?

  5. Avatar

    Yea..the article is quite true. But some bookmakers are ridiculous even your spread the risk..I have few bookmakers got closed down. I dont even win any from them. My bet size is just 10.

  6. Avatar

    Well i used to have about 12-14 accounts but only been useing 2 for awhile now.Ladbrokes cut me down from £10 a pt to max £3 a BET. So going to open up a couple more now.

  7. Avatar

    My p power account has been closed do you think it is because that now they joined with bet fair they can sloop see the bets I lay

  8. Avatar

    I disagree entirely with your headline assertion. Forget the bookies. You said “At the end of the day, like you, bookies are in it for profit, and if they see you’re winning too much, they’re going to twist the tables in their favour.” If bookies were doing what they should do they’d lay the bet and adjust prices whatever the size. To say they lose money by laying a tenner is ridiculous. Additionally, if you look through the proofed results of tipping sites where they publish level stakes returns for BOG and BSP you will see Betfair are on top. allowing for commission they will be equal and no silly chasing bookies and getting accounts closed. To be a professional avoid the bookies.


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