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Patrice Evra Sent Off Before Game Begins

Last Updated: November 3, 2017

Patrice Evra Sent Off Before Game Begins

Sports are supposed to bring joy and happiness, however sometimes they can be the opposite, this is the case of French professional footballer Patrice Evra, who plays for Ligue 1 club Marseille and the France national team.

The former Manchester United star became involved in a intense argument with the French fans following the warm-up at the Europa League clash at Vitoria de Guimaraes.

According to journalists present at the event, Evra had been the victim of insults for around half an hour as he prepared for the game followed by a number of words exchanged before a physical fight took place.

After that Evra stayed on the bench for the whole game, but the arbitrator issued him with a red card for his actions which left the team down by one man.

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Garcia also blamed the supporters for goading Evra but admitted his player should be experienced enough to deal with it.

It is known that fans can be aggressive and sometimes even dangerous. Should they also be blamed and “punished”? Or should athletes simply learn to deal with this kind of action against them, just because they are public figures?


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    1. Evra was provoked and responded in a way that the majority would if he had been abused in the street. To red card him was pc gone mad, about time the authority’s backed players up on this kind of abuse.

    2. If he is being abused there should be a way he can point out the supporters and they get dealt with. Kicking someone in the head and getting punished is hardly PC gone mad. What if he kicked an opponent in the head if he got abused in a game, would that not be a red card?
      Another example of what poor role models footballers are.

    3. If he was getting such vile abuse why didn’t he leave the area then he would have been free to play the game after all with his years in the game he should have known better.


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