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There’s a growing world of Bitcoin betting sites and it’s being championed by companies like Those who don’t deal with Bitcoin regularly or at all have been put off by some of the sites, but OneHash is bucking the trend with its easily accessible and aesthetically pleasing platform. Whilst the platform is far from simple, its pared down approach makes it stand out from competitors, which could give it an edge as mutual sports betting with bitcoin continues to rise in popularity.

Upon first look, OneHash have done a good job when it comes to being approachable for different types of players. Nobody using OneHash is required to undergo a registration process, this is because all of the session data is stored on the browser itself. It’s these small details which add up to make a big difference, particularly when you consider customers are hesitant on creating multiple accounts across different platforms.

How It Works

OneHash is different to a regular bookmaker, instead it’s more of a broker or an exchange between users who want to place mutual bets. To bet, a player has to place a bet against another, rather than the traditional method of placing a bet against the platform. This ends up creating a different dynamic when compared to regular bookmakers, as with every bet placed the multiplier changes depending on how much funds are bet on one particular event.

A further benefit of OneHash is that it brings together sport betting with wagers amongst family, friends and co-workers. The so called ‘fair betting’ could add up to big business within the bitcoin betting market, and with odds changing all the time, it could become very attractive to bettors. For those who are more serious about betting, OneHash is particularly enticing because it places no limits on bet amounts, and there are no restrictions in place on winners.

What Bets Are Available?

OneHash has a good range of markets available with traditional sports markets such as football, the NFL, hockey basketball and more. Additionally, punters are able to bet on e-sports, which has shown remarkable growth over the past few years as a betting market. Markets within the e-sport betting section include CS:GO, Dota 2, Starcraft and LoL.

Outside of e-sports and regular sporting bets, there are one off special event markets. At the time of writing, you can head to and bet on anything from the next prime minister of Chile, to TIME’s Person of the Year. You can even place a wager on whether or not you think Donald Trump will have left office by the end of the year.

What Else?OneHash banner

Elsewhere there’s an affiliate program, which also doesn’t require any type of sign up. All potential affiliates need is a valid bitcoin address from which they can generate a referral link. All affiliates can earn up to 2.5% of the value of the bets they send OneHash’s way.


Overall the platform is fairly decent, and with increasing numbers of sports and events, the appeal of the site is set to grow. Those who enjoy placing a bet on a special market event will find it especially enjoyable, and there’s a decent level of detail to the sports betting markets to keep the fans of more traditional bets happy.

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