October 2017: The Winners And Losers

Posted November 1, 2017

By Lewis @ Betting Gods

In an effort to be as open about our tipsters and their performance as possible, we publish a monthly report outlining who performed well and who didn’t live up to expectations. Below is the report for October which admittedly wasn’t the greatest month for Betting Gods tipsters even though they still managed to pull in over 159pts of profit collectively.

The Winners

Let’s kick things off with the positives and there were plenty of them!

Pinnacle Racing Tips and Big Race Bookie Busters managed to ride out the change of racing season perfectly by pulling in 78.96pts and 76.27pts respectively which puts them in the top 2 spots for October.

Next up is the incredibly popular Robert Fraser’s Tennis Tips who hit 72.91pts profit and his third profitable month in a row. Robert is our only tennis tipster because he has set the benchmark so high that no other tennis tipster who applies to Betting Gods manages to match his performance. Our hats go off to Robert!

Top Rated Runners might be our newest racing tipster but he’s certainly leaving his mark by becoming the fourth most profitable tipster in October with a 45.55pts profit (at an ROI of close to 40%)! We’ll certainly be keeping an eye on Mike’s service in November to see if he can keep that up.

The Football Guru out did the other football tipsters who struggled to pull in any significant profits in October by pulling in 39.40pts profit. A fantastic effort from Anthony to turn things around from September’s poor month.

Other notable mentions should go out to The Each Way King who pulled in over 26pts profit, Master Racing Tipster who hit over 15pts profit and Footy Doubles who hit yet another profitable month with close to 10pts profit.

The Losers

Now for the bit I never like doing: The losers.

There’s no denying that SB Racing Tips has had a torrid month having hit a 66pt loss during October however when SB Racing Tips hits the winners he hits them big so we’re not worried yet.

Robert Fraser’s Racing Tips was another who didn’t quite hit the mark with a 32pt loss. Robert does seem to go from having one incredible month to one poor month over and over again so let’s see what happens in November.

Chloe’s Football Focus, one of the newest additions to Betting Gods had her first poor month. Chloe has had 4 solid months previously so we’re hoping this is a rare bump in the road and that things will continue back to normal for November.

The Overall Picture

Overall, October wasn’t the best month that the Betting Gods tipsters have had however, profitable overall with 159pts profit collectively is hardly a disaster and we’re hoping things in November can only improve.

Tipster NameProfit in PointsProfit with £10 Stakes
Total Profit159.89£1,598.90
Pinnacle Racing Tips78.96pts£789.60
Big Race Bookie Busters76.27pts£762.70
Robert Fraser's Tennis Tips72.91pts£729.10
Top Rated Runners45.55pts£455.50
The Football Guru39.40pts£394.00
The Each Way King26.81pts£268.10
Master Racing Tipster15.59pts£155.90
Footy Doubles9.40pts£94.00
Value Racing Tips8.56pts£85.60
Quentin Franks Racing8.08pts£80.80
The Sports Guru6.19pts£61.90
APS Basketball Tips4.79pts£47.90
The Boxing Tipster0.69pts£6.90
Tom's Racing Picks-0.51pts-£5.10
The Football Formula-0.54pts-£5.40
Hat Trick Hero-0.82pts-£8.20
QF Value Tips-0.90pts-£9.00
Premier Greyhound Tips-10.50pts-£105.00
Pro Footy Tips-14.41pts-£144.10
Flat Racing Master-16.18pts-£161.80
Rod's Runners-18.34pts-£183.40
Golf Betting Expert-20.20pts-£202.00
Max Racing Partnership-20.75pts-£207.50
Chloe's Football Focus-30.76pts-£307.60
Robert Fraser's Racing Tips-32.92pts-£329.20
SB Racing Tips-66.48pts-£664.80

If you follow any of the tipsters, let us know in the comments section below who you’ve enjoyed following or even who you’re not enjoying:

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    • Darren @ Betting Gods
      Darren @ Betting Gods

      They aren’t Gary as it would vary depending on whether a member is on the monthly, quarterly, annual or lifetime option.
      Also, £10 per point is only used as a monetary example for the points profit/loss, the majority of users will have different stakes to this.

  1. Avatar

    sb racing tips betting all ew tips to win bets minimum bet 1pt max bet 2pts monthly profit oct +38 p ts sept +13,5 aug +35 july +11 june +43.5 may +21 april +24.5

  2. Avatar

    Hi…Joined 26/10/2017……..I am betting as asked…Tips are losing .. mostly odds on favorites..(that I could easily pick myself)…so far I have lost £250. I live in hope…

  3. Avatar

    There are one or two solid tipsters that I am following. However with p/l figures these are invariably @ bet prices which are impossible to achieve. Its a shame that in general your subs rate are more expensive than your competitors which makes following them somewhat prohibitive.

    • Darren @ Betting Gods
      Darren @ Betting Gods

      Thanks for the feedback Terry, we have adjusted the pricing of some services such as Premier Greyhound Tips for example to make them more affordable and accessible.
      Some do remain high as a method to limit the volume of members in an effort to limit the exposure of bets through bookies, with the aim of giving people a much better chance of getting decent odds.

  4. Avatar

    October was a decent month for me with Master Racing and Footy Doubles. I missed one winner with FD but I was also lucky enough to miss a triple double that lost. So 40pts up at the end of the month.

    • Darren @ Betting Gods
      Darren @ Betting Gods

      Great to hear you were up! We love hearing success stories. Let’s hope for more of the same in November for you.

  5. Avatar

    Normally stick to horse racing but decided to try Chloe’s Football Focus because the results had been so good. Disappointed is an understatement – already lost £222.24 (at £5 per point). I’ve signed up for 3 months so let’s hope things improve over the next 2 months!

    • Darren @ Betting Gods
      Darren @ Betting Gods

      Deb, so sorry to hear your experience has been poor. Chloe certainly was smashing it pulling in over 655pts in 4 months to the end of September and October ended that incredible run with a loss. But it would only taken Chloe to return back to her normal form in November for that loss to be recuperated and for profit to be seen so I hope you can stick with it for the next 2 months. Good luck!

    • Avatar

      Joined Rods Runners and Chloes Football Focus in first week of October, bled money ever since. Rods had a good start to November, lets hope Chloe can follow suit.

      • Darren @ Betting Gods
        Darren @ Betting Gods

        Rodney is certainly turning things around with over 60pts of profit in November so far. Let’s hope it continues and let’s hope Chloe can certainly follow suit.

  6. Avatar

    I joined APS basketball tips 20th October, up to 31st October Lost 11.43 pts = Loss £114.30.
    I joined Chloe’s football focus 10th October, up to 31st October Lost 27.16 pts = Loss £271.60.
    I joined SB racing tips 1st September, up to 31st October Lost 75.55 pts = Loss £755.50.
    I joined Rod’s Runners 5th September. You record a loss in October of 18.34 pts = Loss 183.40.
    In September he lost in the region of 100 pts = Loss of £1000.00, I cannot check the exact loss because he longer appears as a tipster on your website (you seem to have ditched him quietly).
    Not a raging success is it? Would be interested in your comments Darren.

    • Darren @ Betting Gods
      Darren @ Betting Gods

      Wow – Sorry to hear that your experience with Betting Gods hasn’t been good at all. Rather frustratingly, 3 of the 4 tipsters you joined had a very poor October. APS Basketball Tips had a poor second half. Obviously had you joined Pinnacle Racing Tips, Big Race Bookie Busters and and Top Rated Runners it would be a totally different story.

      All I would say is that following a tipster is a long term thing and I’d be surprised if the tipsters you’re following don’t turn it around this month.

      Regarding Rod’s Runners, the page is still live here however it is not included in our list of tipsters at the moment due to the very poor performance in September and October to prevent further people joining.

  7. Avatar

    Very disappointed with Chloe’s football tips, you built her up to be a Goddess and have to say she has failed miserably, hope November is better otherwise back to the drawing board!

    • Darren @ Betting Gods
      Darren @ Betting Gods

      It certainly was a poor month for Chloe is October and we’re not hiding that. It’s why all our results are completely public and it’s why we openly publish this report every month.

  8. Avatar

    You referred to Chloe as “them” Darren which is a bit odd given that you portrayed this tipster as an individual woman tipster. Just a bit odd.

    • Darren @ Betting Gods
      Darren @ Betting Gods

      Not sure where I did this, but if I did, it’s a simple grammatical error. I’m sure I’ve also made the same error for the male tipsters here at Betting Gods.

      All of our services are run by real, individual tipsters which some lucky Betting Gods members actually got to meet when we hosted The Betting Gods Spring Festival at Nottingham this year.

  9. Avatar

    And if you could also let us know what the ROI across all tipsters was for the month that would be excellent.
    Also after a quick survey of your records from a statistical viewpoint, it’s very possible looking at your tipster services that quite a few of them are just tipsters who have ran hot to qualify as a tipster and do not if fact have an edge on the market.
    I suspect your trialling and testing is not rigorous enough.

    • Darren @ Betting Gods
      Darren @ Betting Gods

      Sorry Nollaig, not sure how the overall ROI across Betting Gods is a useful statistic unless you planned on joining each and every tipster?

      With regards to our testing process, we are constantly making adjustments to make it as rigorous as possible. Since launching Betting Gods, the vetting process has increased by at least 33% for all tipsters who undergo our proofing process. We have also increased our minimum strike rate and ROI requirements.

  10. Avatar

    Darren, what you should do is find your best 10 tipsters across all sports
    and offer these to members.
    Put those best 10 in the ‘Premier League’.
    The idea here is that it should be practical for all members to follow
    the premier league tipsters, and at the same time provide
    a portfolio experience where some show profits while others show a loss
    over the course of 12 months, providing updates monthly.

    10 tipsters to follow all at the same time is practical.

    Why not have a premier league of your very best tipsters, have a leagues 2 ,3 and 4
    and have promotion and relegation between all leagues at the end of 12 months.

    Just an idea.

  11. Avatar

    Sample size is by far and away the most important. Taking on a tipster because they had a couple hundred bets over 3 months is not rigorous enough. You can easily flip a coin a couple hundred times and come out with graphs like many of your tipsters giving the impression they have ano edge. This is especially true for tennis and football type tipsters. It’seems more likely that some of your horse racing tipsters may have an egde because it only takes a quick crosscheck of their results to see that the SP was much lower than the price a which they recommended it. Unfortunately I very spent the last couple of years following tipsterservices across several websites paid and unpaid and the truth is most are lucky at the start and the ones that are not lucky their recommended prices are very hard to get athe what they recommend or at least difficult enough that it makes to whole thing hard to profit from at all. The airforce heroes of WW2 who came home alive were often lauded for their extreme skill and courage and unfortunately it was for the most part unwarranted. Work done by esteemed mathematicians in the subsequent decades showed how concept of survivorship bias gave the illusion of skill and bravery when in fact it was more to do with luck than anything else that those who survived did so. I see the exact similar phenomenon repeat and repeat in this tipping business and ithe no longer surprises me when I see tipsters like Chloe crash an burn if you pardon the pun.

  12. Avatar

    What I don’t like is trial profits counting towards the monthly averages. Nobody had the opportunity to win such money. I can foresee 6 months down the line – Chloe’s average monthly profit will be down to £400/month – which seems quite good – but in reality the whole time the tips have been available to all the loss would have been massive. A longer proofing period is needed as shown by the number of new tipsters who arrive in a blaze of glory & bomb out & disappear quickly.

    • Darren @ Betting Gods
      Darren @ Betting Gods

      I appreciate what you’re saying Paul but we do need some statistics from somewhere to verify internally at least that a service is worthy of launching under the Betting Gods brand.


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