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November 2018: The Winners And Losers

November 2018: The Winners And Losers

Another small profit across the Betting Gods in November however this wasn’t down to a network-wide poor showing but instead came down to a few tipsters ruining it for the many. Let’s take a closer look at what happened:

The Winners

With a 100/1 winner and just shy of 84pts profit, it was a dream of a month for Flat Racing Master who had one of his most profitable months since joining Betting Gods at the end of 2015. He certainly made a lot of punters happy!

Each Way Leader may have produced less profit than Flat Racing Master at 55pts but with an ROI of just below 100% it would be easy to argue that he was the top performing racing tipster in November. 55pts all at level 1pt each way bets is no easy task but he achieved it with ease.

US Sports Capper is the latest addition to the Betting Gods network and he’s made an incredible impression on his members already. 106pts of profit will do that!

Michael’s tipping on Premier Greyhound Tips proved once again that you can make money outside of football and horse racing. With over 36pts of profit on the greyhound racing, Michael sits comfortably alongside the best horse racing tipsters.

Quentin Franks Racing makes an appearance yet again in “The Winners” of the month as November was his 7th consecutively profitable month. His total profit since joining Betting Gods is now in excess of 1,200pts!

Just one football tipster managed to make it as a top performer in November and that was Chloe’s Football Focus who, with 13pts profit, has found a decent spell of form to impress her loyal following.

The final tipster to get a mention in the winners section is Cricket Betting Tipster who, like Chloe, managed to put in just over 13pts of profit.

The Losers

Unfortunately, I do now have to mention the bad performers. 4 of the Betting Gods team hit the overall profit pretty hard:

Starting with the worst performer, Golf Betting Expert had a torrid month wiping over 73pts off his profit figures and the network’s. With 38 bets, 1 win and 2 places, it’s not hard to see where it has all gone wrong for Craig.

The Football Guru also had a disaster of a month having lost over 56pts profit. He has struggled for the last few months so we will be keeping a close eye on how Anthony finishes 2018 off.

The Racing King is making an all-too-frequent appearance in this section of our monthly roundup. We have mentioned to him that we will be evaluating his 2018 performance at the end of the year to see if he can continue with Betting Gods or not. We, of course, hope he can show some form in December.

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Top 20 Golf Tips joins Golf Betting Expert in the losers section as both golf tipsters struggled to pick enough winners to profit.

The Overall Picture

With the bottom 4 tipsters wiping out 206pts of profit between them, it was always going to be a struggle in November to produce a profit but somehow the Betting Gods tipsters managed to just about find a little bit between them. Here’s an overview of how each tipster did:

Tipster NameProfit in PointsProfit with £10 Stakes
US Sports Capper106.97pts£1,069.70
Flat Racing Master83.99pts£839.90
Each Way Leader55.07pts£550.70
Premier Greyhound Tips36.65pts£366.50
Quentin Franks Racing30.13pts£301.30
Chloe's Football Focus13.83pts£138.30
Cricket Betting Tipster13.02pts£130.20
The Boxing Betting Tipster3.23pts£32.30
Max Racing Partnership2.70pts£27.00
Speedway Guru0.00pts£0.00
Master Racing Tipster-2.26pts-£22.60
QF Value Tips-3.52pts-£35.20
RF Tennis Tips-3.86pts-£38.60
Top Rated Runners-4.68pts-£46.80
Top Tennis Tipster-6.13pts-£61.30
eSports Betting Tipster-8.87pts-£88.70
MK Horse Racing Tips-14.50pts-£145.00
Ultimate Football Tips-21.60pts-£216.00
The Bookies Enemy-22.49pts-£224.90
The BSP Tipster-24.21pts-£242.10
Top 20 Golf Tips-31.17pts-£311.70
The Racing King-45.78pts-£457.80
The Football Guru-56.40pts-£564.00
Golf Betting Expert-73.08pts-£730.80
Total Profit27.04pts£270.40

If you follow any of the tipsters, let us know in the comments section below who you’ve enjoyed following or even who you’re not enjoying:

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