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Published on September 6, 2017

Newmarket Planning Permission Announcement Due

Written By Josh @ Betting Gods

Newmarket Planning Permission Announcement Due

A ground-breaking race track section has been proposed by the Jockey Club, in an attempt to further increase the reputation of UK racetrack, Newmarket. The new section, named “gallop in the sky” will cost £10m and permission will be granted or denied this week.

The proposed long gallop will be 900 metres long, and will hopefully be built off Hamilton Road, in an attempt to make the racecourse side of town more attractive for trainers and stables.

The Sky gallop will feature both an artificial hill, and a 450 metre long bridge, so it has been recommended that approval will need to be granted to form the new track section from the Forest Heath District Council; a decision will be made on Wednesday.

On the matter, Jockey Club Estates managing Director, William Gittus, has said:

 “At present, the growth in numbers of horses trained in Newmarket shows little sign of slowing, and the increases have undoubtedly played a key role in the horseracing industry’s contribution to the local economy exceeding £210m per annum, and providing over 8,500 jobs.

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“However, at 90% occupancy, the capacity of Bury Side to meet future demand is limited.

“To enable further growth, and the economic benefits and employment that will bring to the district, we need to encourage more trainers to base themselves on racecourse side, where there is scope for expansion.

“[It] is a key part of a wider master plan to make Racecourse Side more attractive to trainers.

“It already possesses fantastic facilities but lacks an uphill gallop for conditioning horses, which is seen by many as an essential part of the trainer’s toolkit.”

So far, the plans to build the gallop haven’t been contested, despite the gallop being visible by some people from some distance. It is however common knowledge that the new part of the track will allow the local economy to reap the rewards, thus outweighing all of the implications.

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