MMA Comes To Malta – A Betting Gods Event

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MMA Comes To Malta – A Betting Gods Event

Posted October 31, 2017 | By Jimena @ Betting Gods

There’s great excitement in our office as MMA is back in Malta, for the second time this year organised by Centurion Fight Championship Malta.

Great athletes from Netherlands, Italy, Serbia, France, Ireland, Sweden and many other countries are set delight the Maltese audience.

This event will take place at the Corradino Sport Pavilion in Paola, opening doors at 18:00hrs.

Hosted by many sponsors, including Betting Gods, Matching Visions, Easy Gas and many more, you can be sure this will be a top quality fighting event!

Scheduled fights are:

Fly Weight

Marilyn Micallef  VS Diana Tavares
This is Marilyn’s first fight but she faces a fighter who so far has only had 2 losses. Both fighters weight in at 55kg.
Our Prediction : Marilyn Micallef

Feather Weight

Daguir Ivaniv VS Rafael Macedo
Daguir comes into this fights as the man to beat, representing MMA Factory Paris with his 11 win record (3 KO’s) up against the Brazilian Macedo with an 8 win record (3 KO’s)
Our Prediction : Daguir Ivanic

Issac Nappa VS Steven Smith
Both making their debut, Maltese Nappa faces Steven Smith of Swiss MMA.
Our Prediction : Isaac Nappa (we have to support local!)

Matthew Camill VS Gabrielle Nicotra
A newbie to MMA, Camill faces the Italian Nicotra who has a 0 win, 1 loss record.
Our Prediction : Matthew Camill

Ben Davies VS Dragan Pesic
These experienced fighters will put on a good show, Irish Davies enters with a 6 wins (5 KO’s), 5 loss record against Serbian Pesic who has a 13 win record (3 KO’s), 8 losses.
Our Prediction : Ben Davies

Teodoro Scoleri VS Simone La Preziosa
The two Italians go head to head. Teodore with a 2 win record, Simone with a 1 win, 1 loss record.
Our Prediction : Simone La Preziosa

Simone Denna VS Joe Yamaguchi
A promising fight. Simone from Italy has 2 fights to his name, one with a KO, however he faces the undefeated Joe Yamaguchi representing Malta Fight Legion.
Our Prediction : Joe Yamaguchi

Light Weight

Daniel Micelli VS Maxim Radu
The two Italians go head to head, Micelli with a 6 win, 2 loss record against the 2 win, 1 loss record of Radu. Each has 1 KO.
Our Prediction : Daniel Micelli

Welter Weight

Gary Formosa VS Nassurdin Imavov
This is Gary’s first fight and he’s up against a fighter who represents MMA Factory Paris, with a record of 2 wins (1 ko) and 1 loss.
Our Prediction : Nassurdin Imavov

Alexander Bordin VS Brian Lo Anjoe
This looks set to be one of the best fights of the night. The French Alexander has 7 wins and 3 losses. Lo Anjoe who hails from Holland has a 6 win, 10 loss record.
Our Prediction : Alexander Bordin

Light Heavy Weight

Alan Baudot VS Tony Teresi
On paper this looks set to be another victory for French Baudot who comes into the fight with a 6 win, 1 loss record. Teresi has one fight to his name which was a loss.
Our Prediction : Alan Baudot

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