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May 2018: The Winners And Losers

May 2018: The Winners And Losers

With 357pts profit in March and 309pts in April it was always going to be tough for the Betting Gods tipsters to better that in May… But they did! Collectively, the Betting Gods tipsters generated 454pts of profit in May making it one of the most successful months in Betting Gods history.

So let’s take a look at who helped generate this impressive profit (and who prevented us going even higher):

The Winners

The obvious winner for the month is The Racing King having pulled in over 222pts of profit. Admittedly, a huge chunk of the profit this month did come from a winning 227/1 each way double. Nevertheless, there’s no denying that May was an outstanding month for The Racing King.

Next up are Rodney’s 2 services: Rod’s Runners and Rod’s US Runners. Rodney is slowly earning himself the status of absolute legend amongst his followers thanks to pulling in 189.27pts profit on his main service and 148.40pts on his US only tips. If you don’t believe us, then just head over to Tipsters Review and see how much people are raving about Rodney.

The first of the non-racing services to make an appearance is Golf Betting Expert. He’s been on a bit of a dry spell over the past few months so we’re incredibly happy to see Craig picking up some decent winners including Bryson Dechambeau, the winner of the Memorial Tournament at 50/1! 

The Football Guru has had yet another impressive month. With over 50pts profit betting on the football, Anthony has proven himself to be one of the best performing football tipsters on the internet. With the World Cup starting soon, you could do far worse than joining The Football Guru.

The Bookies Enemy has kept his record looking sweet with an easy 35pts profit in May. With the profit in May, The Bookies Enemy has now hit 10 profitable months from 11.

Other notable mentions should go out to Quentin Franks Racing, Speedway Guru and Top Rated Runners.

The Losers

I’d love to go through the performance of JB Racing Tips in May and pick out a positive but I think I’d be looking for the impossible. There’s no denying that his performance in May was awful. At Betting Gods, we don’t hide our results, good or bad, and I think JB Racing Tips is proof of that. It should go without saying, we are keeping a very watchful eye over his performance in June.

Flat Racing Master also took a dip in May with 53pts lost unfortunately. The good news for Flat RAcing Master is that he has experience on his side having been with Betting Gods since December 2015 so we’re confident he will turn it around (in fact after 2 days of betting in June he’s up over 20pts).

QF Value Tips and Big Race Bookie Busters were another 2 racing tipsters who took a bit of a hit to their profit in May. Again, nothing too major to worry about as these tipsters both have time and experience on their side.

The Overall Picture

In May, the majority of the Betting Gods tipsters have shown just how proud we should be of them. They put plenty of time and effort into producing winning selections consistently. Yes, there might be a few bumps along the way but by-and-large, the team of Betting Gods tipsters are helping 100s of punters finally take money from the bookies pockets.

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Tipster NameProfit in PointsProfit with £10 Stakes
The Racing King222.33pts£2,223.30
Rod's Runners189.27pts£1,892.70
Rod's US Runners148.40pts£1,480.40
Golf Betting Expert65.25pts£653.50
The Football Guru51.57pts£515.70
The Bookies Enemy35.83pts£358.30
Quentin Franks Racing27.45pts£274.50
Speedway Guru19.91pts£199.10
eSports Betting Tipster13.69pts£136.90
Top Rated Runners11.24pts£112.40
Draw Master7.23pts£72.30
Each Way Leader4.40pts£44.00
Master Racing Tipster2.74pts£27.40
Max Racing Partnership1.01pts£10.10
Value Racing Tips-1.42pts-£14.20
The Boxing Betting Tipster-2.00pts-£20.00
The Football Formula-2.83pts-£28.30
Premier Greyhound Tips-4.55pts-£45.50
Robert Fraser's Tennis Tips-14.44pts-£144.40
Chloe's Football Focus-19.18pts-£191.80
Top 20 Golf Tips-27.14pts-£271.40
Big Race Bookie Busters-35.55pts-£355.50
QF Value Tips-37.55pts-£375.50
Flat Racing Master-53.97pts-£539.70
JB Racing Tips-147.08pts-£1,470.80
Total Profit454.71pts£4,547.10

If you follow any of the tipsters, let us know in the comments section below who you’ve enjoyed following or even who you’re not enjoying:

Quentin Franks Racing

£15,605.30 Total Profit

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Monthly Profit



The Outside Edge

£1,890.00 Total Profit

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Monthly Profit



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  1. JB after all the hype was a massive let down, typical after I signed up, in fact most do this, Golf betting expert was binned after an appalling run which went on for months, the problem is how long do you keep throwing money at failing tips? a “bit of a dry spell” means losses of many hundreds at this end and it is extremely difficult to have faith in something losing far too regularly.
    Overall another losing month, Top rated runners was my best by far, reducing losses from the others once the fees are factored in.
    Another issue is taking the early prices which the figures rely on, the results posted should be at BSP to give an accurate and achievable figure, not everyone likes taking early prices for account longevity and the prices don’t generally stay there for long in any case.
    Of course everyone’s betting patterns will be different accounting for days you cant bet etc so results cant be replicated exactly.
    One winning month from the last 6 from the “portfolio” for me, losses far outweighing any profit and most failing to turn a profit for me at BSP yet again.

    • Lewis @ Betting Gods

      We’re not denying that JB had a terrible month. We’ve also not hidden the poor run that the Golf Betting Expert was on prior to May. All this does, however, is reinforce the point we make time and time again about how vital applying proper bank management is when it comes to following a tipster. There’s a reason Golf Betting Expert recommends a 500pt betting bank and it’s to safe guard against the inevitable losing runs.

      I also couldn’t disagree more about BSP. Many tipsters send their tips out because they’re capitalising on early prices and/or value that they have found in the markets. That’s their USP. It’s why people follow those services. BSP would complete negate this.

      We do everything we can to ensure odds are achievable by all members of every service at Betting Gods. When sending tips out at Betting Gods, we ensure all prices are available with at least 2 major bookies (if we publish a higher price with 1 bookie and then a lower price with other bookies we will record the results to the lower price). We also don’t take advantage of BOG.

      • Early days for JB in my case so there is time to recover.
        I still stand by the BSP figures as they are all some can get and to be honest if there isn’t a profit at SP then it isn’t likely worth following. That could’ve saved me a fortune in weeding out the poor ones.
        In relation to bank roll, I would agree provided bankroll isn’t increased to accommodate a losing run and loss chasing doesn’t occur, if they do that signals problems.
        A tipster needs to instill confidence and even better some reasoning which is where TRR and Greyhounds stand apart from the rest.

  2. Could Chloe adjust the staking pattern for large bets slightly? The bets have an advantage over the market view, but if you’re betting 10 points on a single game you’d hope it would be slightly more of a sure thing even if it’s at the expense of longer term profits… Thanks

    • I think Chloe’s tips have been a little bit of the chasing my losses type bets last month, 8 point stakes are a bit much, especially when it’s football nobody knows about – though I do appreciate it’s slim pickings with all the major leagues now done for the season. 4 point stakes seem much reasonable (and safer) given that some of these leagues have a reputation for fixing as well.

  3. Hi Lewis

    It seems like you do take advantage of bog given that Rods Runners does publish his results with bog in the end column. I only just checked Rod’s tips but I’m sure other tipsters do the same.

    • Darren @ Betting Gods

      Hi Wayne,

      Late March we updated several factors (in members’ interest) when recording results including ceasing to use BOG several weeks ago.

      Apologies for any confusion, Lewis was referring to the May results.

      • Thanks for letting me know. I have my own spreadsheets comparing how the tipster and I do. I might have to stop recording bog for the tipsters or I could just continue and compare my results with yours as most of the recommended bookies do offer bog.

  4. Also I hate to say I told you so but in the last winners and losers blog post I said “with the level of stakes that JB is advising any losing month is going to be particularly harsh on funds.” I hate to be proven right as I was thinking of signing up.

  5. I’m glad I have stuck with rods runners but I also think that the tipsters also need to publish what profit they make under the betfair starting price. This is because many of us are taking the early prices that are advertised, however this means our accounts will eventually get restricted. This month I have had to add betbright and racebets to my list of growing restrictions. If you publish seperate results with the betfair starting price we will then know if it is worth continuing our subscriptions once our accounts are all restricted which is also good for you as once it hits a certain amount of restrictions people may just give up without checking. You guys should be thinking of the long term benefits of your service or you will have a big churn rate for your racing tipsters when people get restricted. Perhaps you already do? I would definitely appreciate results with an additional betfair starting price result.

    Also I have emailed this but I think that it would be good if you made your own odds checker software for members as the actual odds checker website only has a limited number of bookies whereas there are many more. I think it can be done as odds monkey has a similar tool for matched betting and checks a lot more sites. With more bookies we can more easily stay under the radar which would help us prolong accounts and therefore would be of benefit to the members and betting gods as that would also prolong subscriptions…

    • re – odds checker software

      I was thinking the exact same thing.
      Software (if possible), where you can choose all the bookies relevant to you (the ones you have an active account with) and see only their odds.

  6. Yes it’s ok for tipsters to quote early prices but would be great to see in addition starting price profits / points .This would put you at another class above other sellers.

  7. I see a lot bragging about the a winning tip. But it is never been mentioned that only 1 tip won out of 10 tips. Happens to be the same case for most of the tipsters. Odds drop even when I open the email in 1 minute after it comes in my inbox. No football tipster is good. I followed Chloe for few months. I had to let it go.
    I also opted for jb and gosh I can’t handle this much loss.

    • Darren @ Betting Gods

      All winners and losers are published David, not a single result is hidden from public view, ever.
      The strike rate also reflects how many of the tips win also.

  8. Quite right about profit Wayne, the biggie for me is seeing the BSP figures and returns, without these the quoted figures are not representative of expected return once restrictions etc are taken into account, and yes, I appreciate some folk are probably not restricted, early odds will probably rectify that at some stage.

    • Darren @ Betting Gods

      That’s one of the reasons we do not record results at BOG (as mentioned by Lewis on this thread)

  9. I have a question for anyone that can answer. How do I find the betfair starting price for all races?

    I’m doing my own profit and loss spreadsheet and I want to add a column for what profit I would get based on the bsp. Does anyone have a free way of doing this?

  10. So in view of several members asking about BSP figures being included, will there be any plans? a far better system, more transparent and sustainable for the longer term.


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