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March 2018: The Winners And Losers

March 2018: The Winners And Losers

Thankfully March was a far better showing from the Betting Gods tipsters when compared to February which only saw 46pts across the network. The good news is that March was nearly 8 times that with a total profit of 357.56pts from our tipsters. That doesn’t mean there weren’t poor performances which we’ll cover shortly but let’s start with some good news first…

The Winners

There’s a clear obvious winner this month and that’s The Football Guru who pulled in a staggering 290.77pts profit at a 116.88% ROI. This has to be one of the most exceptional months we’ve ever seen from an individual tipster here at Betting Gods.

But The Football Guru wasn’t alone in hitting treble figures… Rod’s Runners also pulled in a brilliant 141.73pts of profit by backing underdogs on the horses. With average odds around 20/1, Rodney has proved that backing longshots can be profitable with the right analysis of the races.

QF Value Tips and Each Way Leader also deserve a mention having achieved respective ROIs of 64.53% and 40.61% giving them the 1st and 2nd highest ROIs of all the Betting Gods racing tipsters.

The good news doesn’t stop there because Top 20 Golf Tips was another tipster who had a great month. 44.50pts profit with a 53.61% ROI is hard to criticise and means he’s still only hit 3 losing months in the last 2+ years.

It was also a half decent month for Pro Footy Tips, Top Rated Runners and Footy Doubles who all achieved double-digit ROIs for the month of March.

The Losers

Unfortunately, it’s not all good news and, as always, we’re being completely open about the poor performers of the month. The tipster taking the bottom place this month has to be Golf Betting Expert who struggled to find any notable winners on the golf. A 64pts loss is worrying so we’ll be keeping a close eye on his performance through April.

Another tipster we’re going to have to keep an eye on is The Racing King whose performance has fluctuated over the past few months. March was a poor showing with nearly 40pts lost.

Premier Greyhound Tips and Big Race Bookie Busters were also poor performers in March however they collectively have nearly 7 years of results with Betting Gods so we’re not too worried… Yet!

The Overall Picture

Ultimately, March completely smashed the poor month we had in February and we’re happy with the performances of the majority of our tipsters which you can see broken down below:

Tipster NameProfit in PointsProfit with £10 Stakes
The Football Guru290.77pts£2,907.70
Rod's Runners141.73pts£1,417.30
Top 20 Golf Tips44.50pts£445.00
QF Value Tips23.23pts£232.30
Footy Doubles21.70pts£217.00
Each Way Leader18.68pts£186.80
Pro Footy Tips17.97pts£179.70
The Sports Guru16.14pts£161.40
Top Rated Runners8.98pts£89.80
Chloe's Football Focus8.30pts£83.00
The Bookies Enemy1.53pts£15.30
The Football Formula1.22pts£12.20
Max Racing Partnership0.22pts£2.20
Draw Master-0.03pts-£0.30
The Boxing Betting Tipster-3.59pts-£35.90
Robert Fraser's Tennis Tips-4.07pts-£40.70
Flat Racing Master-8.24pts-£82.40
Master Racing Tipster-8.76pts-£87.60
Value Racing Tips-21.35pts-£213.50
Premier Greyhound Tips-25.51pts-£255.10
Quentin Franks Racing-28.83pts-£288.30
Big Race Bookie Busters-33.05pts-£330.50
The Racing King-39.45pts-£394.50
Golf Betting Expert-64.53pts-£645.30
Total Profit357.56pts£3,575.60

If you follow any of the tipsters, let us know in the comments section below who you’ve enjoyed following or even who you’re not enjoying:

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2 years ago

Its welcome news that overall its been an improvement from February.

Unfortunately for myself I seem to have all the tipsters not having a good time lately over the last couple of months. All producing little or negative returns.

Notably the Golf Betting Expert has been really poor. Two consecutive very bad months. Really hope he finds his mojo again. Its not possible to sustain bad months like this. Here to a successful Masters at Augusta.

2 years ago

Its great news that March has faired better the February for most tipsters.
For myself , my tipsters have had very tough couple of months and produced little or negative results.
Most notably is the Golf Betting Expert. Two very poor consecutive months have put me well in the red zone.
Really hope the tipster can get his mojo back for the Masters. Cannot sustain losses like this.

2 years ago

My two pennies-worth… We are all stuck with a dilemma when following tipsters. When does a losing streak turn into an ongoing loss that needs to be terminated? Are you subsidising your own hobby, or that of the tipster? At what point do you call it a day? After all, two good priced wins could put that tipster back into contention. I think it’s very much a matter of personal taste, and faith. Certainly, bankroll management can do much to mitigate the ongoing bad form of a tipster, and I have to confess I’m very bad at that! I’m sure… Read more »

Jacqueline King
Jacqueline King
2 years ago

Like Danny, I always wonder when to say enough is enough. Am I just unlucky? I am with the bottom four in results, plus Chloe who has given us a real roller coaster and, like Danny says, terrifies at times with her huge 5 or more point bets on obscure teams not even listed on oddschecker. Oh, and plus Rod’s Runners – yes, very successful, but he has had so many of his runners recently, thirty plus at times, coming at random times of the day, that £2 a point is the most I can afford to bet.

2 years ago

Hi, Jacqueline, I’ve been taking complaints about volume on board, and am processing (but not rushing) changes to my system to accomodate these. For future reference, I generally release at most three times a day, and at consistent junctures: late the night before, once the markets have settled; at around nine o’ clock on the morning of the races; and sometimes an hour or more before the evening’s all-weather and American racing. Of course, you’re under no obligation to follow all of these, but I hope that the schedule is clearer now. Also hope you were on the three big… Read more »

Jacqueline King
Jacqueline King
2 years ago

Thanks for the headsup, Rod and yes was on them, pleased to say.

2 years ago

I’ve notice that esports tipster is not in the last 3months of winner and losers reports been but they’ve been ative since November they seem to be doing ok don’t you think

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