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Malta MMA Results – A Betting Gods Sponsored Event

Last Updated: December 17, 2017

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Last weekend, Malta was honoured to receive the most amazing fighters from all around the world, to compete in one of the most awaited fight night’s ever presented in Malta.

The event that took place at the Corradino Sport Pavilion Paola, hosted the most euphoric audience, each of them supporting their own heroes including some members of the Betting Gods team and our friends at Matching Visions who were both proud to be official sponsors of the event.

Also if we can blow our own trumpet our preview gave you 8 winners from the 13 fights.

Each fighter gave the best of them, but as we know, there’s only one winner and here we will give you a full recap of the MMA results!!

Issac Nappa vs Steven Smith
Winner: Isac Nappa
Guillotine 1.15 in 2nd Round

Matthew Camilieri vs Gabriele Nicotra
Winner: Matthew Camilieri
Technical Knockout (TKO) Ground n Pound (GnP) 4.23 in 1st Round

Leonardo Carletti vs Luca Agliano
Winner: Leonardo Carletti
Unanimous decision

Simone Danna vs Joe Yamaguchi
Winner: Simone Danna
Abandoned 3rd Round

Marilyn Micaleff vs Diana Tavares
Winner: Marilyn Micaleff
Guillotine 3.29 in 1st Round

Gary Formosa vs Nassurdine Imavov
Winner Nassurdine Imavov
TKO 2.02 in 1st Round

Tudor Mocanu v Francesco Genovese
Winner: Tudor Mocanu
Rear naked choke 1,38 in 1 round

Maxim Radu vs Daniele Micelli
Winner: Maxim Radu
TKO GNP 1.17 in 1st Round

Simone la Preziosa vs Gianluca Mazzeo
Winner: Simone la Preziosa
TKO GNP in 3,35 in 1st Round

Dragan Pesic vs Ben Davis
Winner Ben Davis
Unanimous decision

Belt Fights

Brian Loanjoe vs Alexandre Bordin
Winner and Welterweight Champion: Alexandre Bordin
Sub arm lock 3,32 in 4th Round

Daguir Imavov vs Rafael Macedo
Winner and Featherweight Champion: Daguir Imavov
Unanimous decision

It was definitely a night full of surprises and excitement. Representing Matching Visions and Betting Gods, Daryl Caruana and Darren Moore were delighted to present the Featherweight Championship belt to Daguir Imavov.

We are already counting the days to the next fight night!

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