Lottery Strategies – Do They Work Or A Load Of Balls?

Posted January 21, 2017

By Darren @ Betting Gods

Every week there are millions of people that share the same dream. They close their eyes and picture the moment where their lottery numbers are getting called out live on TV. The final number is called, and they look down at their ticket to find they’ve won the jackpot. After years of grafting, they’ve finally done it and become set for life. Then, they open their eyes and hear the real lottery numbers get called out, only to find they’ve lost again and thrown more money down the drain.

Ah, the lottery, what a magnificently tempting game that promises so much and rarely delivers. We all know that there’s a ridiculously low chance of winning the lottery. And yet, we all can’t help but buy tickets every week ‘just in case.’ After all, imagine picking the same numbers every week and then the one time you don’t play your numbers finally come up? You’d spend the rest of your life ruing the decision not to play.

The problem is that the lottery costs money to play, and the costs of playing soon add up if you’re playing every week and buying multiple tickets. Which is why so many people are looking for lottery strategies to try and boost their chances of winning. The question is, do these strategies work? Let’s take a look at some of them and figure out whether or not they’ll really make a difference:

Pick The Same Numbers Every Time

The first theory is one I touched upon in the introduction above; you pick the same set of numbers every time. The theory behind this strategy is that eventually your numbers are bound to come up if you keep playing them. It’s a bit like flipping a coin and guessing heads or tails, but always guessing heads. There might be three tails in a row, but eventually, your heads will show up. Whereas if you keep chopping and changing, then you could always land on the wrong side.

When you explain this strategy like that, it sounds rather convincing. The problem is, heads or tails is a 50/50 split, while the lottery is far more complex. You’re relying on six different numbers to come up in the right order – the odds are much longer. Truthfully, this strategy is about as useful as a car with no wheels. It won’t improve your chances of winning, and will just cause you to play over and over, for fear of your numbers coming up the one time you don’t play.

Pick Numbers That Haven’t Come Up For A Long Time

A popular lottery strategy is to pick numbers that have been absent for a long time. This is one of those strategies that requires an awful lot of effort. You have to go back through a load of winning lottery combos and chalk up which numbers appear and which ones haven’t. The idea is that if certain numbers haven’t come up for ages, then they’re due to make an appearance soon. It’s a similar strategy to one that roulette players use. If the ball has landed in the first twelve the last five turns, there’s more chance it will land in the second or third twelve on the sixth turn.

Again, this theory seems to make sense, but it’s not got a lot of meat to it. There are no studies that prove a number has a greater chance of appearing if it hasn’t appeared before. Every number has the same chance of showing up every game.

Picking ‘Hot’ Numbers

The third strategy is one that’s similar to the second one but also very different. It’s similar in that you should start by tracking previous lottery numbers. However, the difference is that you want to do the complete opposite of that strategy. In this one, you’re looking for numbers that come up a lot of the time. These are called ‘hot’ numbers, as they frequently appear over a certain time period. The theory behind this strategy is that you should pick ‘hot’ numbers as there’s more chance of them appearing because they’ve been very frequently. Again, it’s another strategy used across the entire betting industry. People will track all sorts of things to try and help figure out the best bets to make.

Unfortunately, there’s zero proof that this strategy works. It’s basically just the opposite of the second strategy, and neither of them works.

The truth is, the lottery is purely a game of chance. The odds will always be stacked against you, and there’s no skill or strategy involved in increasing those odds. If you ever see someone claiming they have a winning lottery strategy, then it’s probably a load of balls.

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    Good advice. The lottery is exactly that-a lottery. The only real winners are the overpaid directors of a purely commercial enterprise


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