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Predict The Unpredictable – Strange Sports Results
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Predict The Unpredictable – Strange Sports Results

After reading this article you are going to want to follow your instinct every time you bet!
Is it a matter of luck or do you have to be as skilled as a fox to see these winnings coming?

Mali VS Angola

In 2010 at the African Cup of Nations, Mali were playing against Angola, who controlled the whole match scoring 4 goals by minute 72 leaving Mali at nil. It’s hard to believe that a team can score 4 goals in a whole match, let alone in just a few minutes, but believe it or not, it happened.

Minute 84, Mali finally put together a good move. They took advantage of Tamboura losing the ball to Kanoute, letting Mali score their first goal, just 6 minutes after, they manage to score a second unbelievable goal.

At this stage, Angola’s fans are celebrating the victory, but it won’t last for very long, since at minute 93 Keita scored what everyone thought was the last goal of the match, however for a further surprise to everyone Yattabare brought the game to a tie, making an incredible 4 – 4.

Just by writing about it makes me excited! I can’t imagine being there! The adrenaline both team members and fans lived that day, for sure will be remembered forever.

Fred Craggs

It’s believed in some countries that betting on your birthday will bring you good luck – and we have the perfect example. Fred Craggs was turning 60 in 2008 and decided to bet on an eight-horse accumulator. He selected 8 horses with extremely long odds.

No one could believe what happened next, as every horse came in as Fred Craggs predicted and his 50p stake turned into a £million pay-out.

Mick Gibbs

When you think of risking some money on a bet that goes against the odds, just because you have a feeling, don’t think it twice!

In 1999 Mick Gibbs decided to bet £2.50 on nine football games across Europe, that were correctly predicted, making him win over 150 thousand pounds, however that was not the end of his good luck.

In 2001 Gibbs “felt it” again and placed 30p for a 15-fold football accumulator bet with a shocking 1,666,666 to 1 odds.

It is hard to believe that he predicted the exact winnings for 15 games!

But we are sure, Gibbs did not feel bad for Mauricio Pellegrino missing his last chance to score, as it gave him £500,000 that day.

Donald Trump

People think bets like this should be very obvious to win, as they are not based on luck but more on statistics, therefore you should have an idea of what’s going to be the outcome of the event, however the Presidential election of Donald Trump gave us all a good lesson. Never trust the media!

The first odds were 25/1 in August 2015 when he announced his campaign, but went down 5/1 on the night before the election. Among online betters, Trump was considered highly unlikely to become president.

Despite the odds the biggest winner over the presidential election, with a total of 2.5 million dollars on winnings, was a Betfair gambler, the customer made several bets following and studying the campaign, making them a millionaire.

So now you know, whether it is your birthday, or you are feeling extra lucky! Don’t miss the opportunity to place some bets and wait to see if you are the next super lucky star!

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