June 2018: The Winners And Losers


June 2018: The Winners And Losers

Posted July 2, 2018 | By Lewis @ Betting Gods

The 454pts our tipsters pulled in during May was always going to be a tough ask to beat and unfortunately we couldn’t better it. But the 344.57pts our tipsters did pull in during June was still impressive.

Unfortunately, in June, we did have one departure from the Betting Gods network. After being struck down with illness and ending up in hospital, Robin who ran Value Racing Tips decided that he wasn’t performing as well as he once was and decided to pull him service from Betting Gods. We 100% respect his decision and hope his health improves. Having been a tipster with Betting Gods since day 1, we have a lot of respect for Robin and can only wish him lots of luck for the future.

The Winners

In what is a common occurrence, one of Rodney’s services topped the table and this month it was Rod’s US Runners who pulled in over 200pts profit by backing horses on the US racing action. I’m going to have to start reading a thesaurus as I’m running out of superlatives to describe Rodney.

JB Racing Tips came back fighting in June with over 75pts of profit. He has a torrid month in May and had to deal with a torrent of abuse as his tips failed to perform. But it just goes to show that every tipster will hit a dry spell. The thing to look out for is the recovery and how a tipster deals with the poor spell.

Rodney’s main service made it into the third spot in June pulling in over 50pts profit. What’s bizarre is that this is classified as a bad month for Rod’s Runners!

The impressive performances keep coming with The Bookies Enemy pulling in 44.77pts in June. He’s now been with Betting Gods for 12 months and has produced a profit in 11 of them. We’re so glad that Gary decided to move his notorious service to Betting Gods and the past 12 months and have proven why he has such an incredible reputation.

Other notable performances came from Chloe’s Football Focus, Each Way Leader, Premier Greyhound Tips and Flat Racing Master. In fact, that list isn’t even exhaustive as Master Racing Tipster, Quentin Franks Racing and The Boxing Betting Tipster all performed faultlessly in June.

The Losers

The obvious disaster for June came from eSports Betting Tipster who just couldn’t get that break all month long and ended up losing close to 60pts. We’ve certainly seen bigger disasters from others tipsters in the past who have recovered the following month so we’re hopeful.

Max Racing Partnership also had a poor month by losing 45pts. This tipster has over 3 years of experience with us at Betting Gods so one poor month isn’t cause for concern.

There were no other major disasters in June. QF Value Tips, Big Race Bookie Busters and Top Rated Runners all lost around 20pts each but no tipster can profit every month so we’re not worried.

The Overall Picture

Plenty of the Betting Gods network performed above their average for June and we’re incredibly proud yet again of the hard work each of them put into producing profitable bets for their members – Long may it continue!

Tipster NameProfit in PointsProfit with £10 Stakes
Total Profit339.57pts£3,395.70
Rod's US Runners209.20pts£2,092.00
JB Racing Tips75.92pts£759.20
Rod's Runners51.73pts£517.30
The Bookies Enemy44.77pts£447.70
Chloe's Football Focus41.10pts£411.00
Each Way Leader30.66pts£306.60
Flat Racing Master27.79pts£277.90
Premier Greyhound Tips27.25pts£272.50
Master Racing Tipster21.52pts£215.20
Quentin Franks Racing20.83pts£208.30
The Boxing Betting Tipster10.98pts£109.80
The Football Guru5.63pts£56.30
The Football Formula-0.55pts-£5.50
Draw Master-4.61pts-£46.10
The Racing King-8.80pts-£88.00
Speedway Guru-12.21pts-£122.10
Robert Fraser's Tennis Tips-12.90pts-£129.00
Top 20 Golf Tips-12.93pts-£129.30
Golf Betting Expert-13.03pts-£130.30
Top Rated Runners-18.53pts-£185.30
Big Race Bookie Busters-19.05pts-£190.50
QF Value Tips-20.32pts-£203.20
Max Racing Partnership-45.90pts-£459.00
eSports Betting Tipster-58.98pts-£589.80

If you follow any of the tipsters, let us know in the comments section below who you’ve enjoyed following or even who you’re not enjoying:

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    Since I joined Rod’s US Runners subscription yesterday, I couldn’t get any better news than that to start the week, which shows me that I’ve made the right decision. My only concern is that I only place my bets at Bet365 and the odds there aren’t the best every time I placed them. But I’ll keep my hopes high!! *fingers crossed*

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      Lewis @ Betting Gods

      All comments have to go through moderation to ensure nothing abusive is published. Your comments should be showing up above now.

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    I see Robin has launched Value Racing Tips on Betfan in the last few days & has been hyped as the next big thing.

    • Avatar
      Lewis @ Betting Gods

      All we can say is that we wish Robin the best of the luck going forward. He was simply no longer the right fit for the Betting Gods network.

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    The Betting Gods app for IOS isn’t making any sound when the notification alert arrives.
    That’s annoying since time is of the essence when it cames to place the bets.
    And the problem occurs only on the IOS app, as I have a friend that tested and said everything is alright with his Android BG app.
    Please, if could, fix it, so I can place my bet right after the alert gets delivered.
    Thanks in advance, Phillipe.


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