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January 2019: The Winners And Losers

January 2019: The Winners And Losers

Let’s get right to the point and first start by saying that January was pretty poor going with a 41.98pt loss across the Betting Gods network. We’re not here to make excuses or cover up the results and that’s why we publish these posts. And we’d be lying if we said we weren’t disappointed in how things turned out for the first month of the new year.

But before this introduction becomes any more depressing let’s start looking at the good news, the winners:

The Winners

This is the bit I enjoy writing. This is where we get to praise the performances of our tipsters.

First up is Golf Betting Expert who, again, hit a decent handful of winners to end the month with the highest profit of all tipsters. From Paul Waring placing at 150/1 to Jazz Janewattananond winning at 28/1, it’s been another solid showing from our top golf betting tipster.

Next up is Premier Greyhound Tips who makes his regular appearance in this section of our overview post. Yet again, he has shown that you can make money on the greyhound racing consistently. It’s funny though, many seem to ignore the fact that he has over 4 years of results and has pulled in nearly 700pts of profit in that time and focus on the fact that it is greyhound racing.

Chloe’s Football Focus also makes it into the top performers of January thanks to pulling in over 20pts of profit. Those 20pts of profit made January her 5th profitable month in a row!

QF Value Tips is the one horse racing tipster to make it into the top performers. 18.33pts alone is an impressive stat but he achieved it with a near 50% ROI which is what really makes this a standout showing.

Ultimate Football Tips rounds out our top tipsters in January 2019 having achieved 15.25pts profit. Again, what makes this figure more impressive is the 34% ROI he achieved at the same time.

The Losers

As you may have noticed, just one horse racing tipster made it into our winners section. It really has been a tough run for racing tipster in general. Having said that, I do need to point fingers and mention a few who had a particularly rough time of it in January.

I never thought I would be saying this, but The Bookies Enemy was the worst performing tipster in January. Gary has an incredible reputation as a tipster as it’s safe to say he knows his stuff. What this shows is that every tipster, no matter how good, can and will hit a poor patch.

US Sports Capper also had a poor spell in January with 32pts lost. He doesn’t have quite the same background or history so we will, of course, be keeping a very close eye on how this service performs over the next couple of months.

Top Rated Runners makes another appearance in this section I’m afraid to say. We have already had a serious chat with the tipster about this so he’s aware that the next month or so will make or break his future.

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Phoenix Racing, like The Bookies Enemy, joined Betting Gods with a pre-existing reputation that had been built up over the years. This poor showing in January doesn’t concern us in the slightest. He backs horses at average odds of 15.00 so losing runs and dry patches are inevitable. In fact, in the first week of February, he has already shown what he is capable of with over 18pts profit.

The Overall Picture

There were tipsters I haven’t mentioned above who either made a small profit or hit a small loss in January but this is the sort of variance we expect from any tipping service. No tipster can hit winners 100% of the time. We strive for long term profitability. In 2018, the Betting Gods team made a staggering 2,144.28pts profit in the end. Our aim for 2019 will be to better that. January may be a small set back for us to hit this goal, but we’re confident that things will go up from here-on-in.

Below you can see exactly how each tipster performed in January:

Tipster NameProfit in PointsProfit with £10 Stakes
Golf Betting Expert52.70pts£527.00
Premier Greyhound Tips32.35pts£323.50
Chloe's Football Focus20.62pts£206.20
QF Value Tips18.33pts£183.30
Ultimate Football Tips15.25pts£152.50
Top Football Tipster9.43pts£94.30
Max Racing Partnership9.13pts£91.30
Master Racing Tipster4.00pts£40.00
Cricket Betting Tipster1.91pts£19.10
eSports Betting Tipster0.52pts£5.20
Quentin Franks Racing-1.24pts-£12.40
Each Way Leader-7.34pts-£73.40
The Boxing Betting Tipster-10.00pts-£100.00
Flat Racing Master-12.24pts-£122.40
The BSP Tipster-13.93pts-£139.30
Top NHL Betting Tips-14.97pts-£149.70
Top 20 Golf Tips-21.35pts-£213.50
Phoenix Racing-27.00pts-£270.00
Top Rated Runners-27.74pts-£277.40
US Sports Capper-32.13pts-£321.30
The Bookies Enemy-38.28pts-£382.80
Total Profit-41.98pts-£419.80

If you follow any of the tipsters, let us know in the comments section below who you’ve enjoyed following or even who you’re not enjoying:

Flat Racing Master

£7,715.38 Total Profit

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Premier Greyhound Tips

£7,031.00 Total Profit

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