Is New York Ready For Sports Betting?
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Is New York Ready For Sports Betting?

You could be forgiven for thinking sports betting was on the horizon back in 2013, when the state of New York legalised sports betting in commercial casinos. Four years later, however, and sports betting in the state has yet to be realised.

The Situation

New York already looks willing to embrace sports betting, with a referendum, statutory language and possible amendment to the constitution on the cards. However, the hold up is down to politicians feeling that sports betting needs to be more widely authorised in order for the state to move ahead.

It’s worth pointing out that the concerns are nothing to do with the legality of sports betting. Instead, there is a feeling that commercial casinos offering sports betting would be detrimental to other businesses and venues, such as horse racing tracks. But there is a solution: to level the playing field by allowing sports betting in racing tracks and beyond, allowing them to compete with the commercial casinos.

Is New York Ready?

The simple answer is, yes, New York is more than ready for sports betting. New York is one of only two states (the other being Pennsylvania) to have complete sports betting laws written and ready to go. All that’s required is for the New York State Gaming Commission to follow suit and get to work on the regulations surrounding sports betting in New York.

Lawmakers, such as assembly member Gary Pretlow, want sports betting to move forward in the state; he stated that it was clear that there was “demand for sports betting” in the state, and went as far as to say that he would support sports betting in “all gaming venues, OTB parlors, race tracks as well as casinos”.

Where Would New Yorkers Be Able To Place A Bet?

The law introduced in 2013 only applied to commercial casinos. So, if sports betting came to pass, it would be possible to place a bet at Tioga Downs Casino, Rivers Casino & Resort, the del Lago Casino and Resorts World in the Catskills. If Pretlow and others were able to implement their vision, it may be possible to place bets in a wide variety of venues, from tracks to OTBs and beyond.

What’s Next?

It remains to be seen. It’s clear that New York is ready for sports betting, but that there are a few logistical hurdles to be overcome. There’s a strong possibility that New Jersey and Pennsylvania could be rolling out sports betting as early as next year, and it’s highly unlikely that New York will want to be left behind. So, no matter what New York has planned for sports betting, you can be sure that we’ll be hearing about it very soon indeed.

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