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An Interview With Mike Cruickshank – Bonus Bagging

An Interview With Mike Cruickshank – Bonus Bagging

Hi Mike, can you just explain who you are and what it is that you do? 

My name is Mike Cruickshank. I currently run several low risk betting products focusing on cashing out bookmaker & casinos bonuses.

It started out with Bonus Bagging, which is cashing out the bookmaker new account offers to lock in risk free profits. After that I made Profit Maximiser which focuses on the on going bookmaker & casino bonuses that are available each day. The next product I built was called Accumulator Generator, which shows you how to extract risk free profits from bookmaker accumulators. Finally I made Each Way Sniper which shows you how to lock in risk free profits from horse racing each way bets.

All my products are very low risk & offer extremely consistent returns.

How did you get involved in Bonus Bagging? 

I was a skint student that liked partying so I needed to find ways to make some extra cash. I stumbled across a free guide showing the Bonus Bagging process of cashing out bookmaker bonuses.

The money was so easy it felt like I was doing something wrong (it’s 100% legal). I made several hundred pounds from all the new account offers and was completely sold on the process. After that I focused on the existing account offers and have being doing that ever since.

It’s something I’m really passionate about & have continued building my low risk strategy repertoire ever since.
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Is it something you did privately before deciding to open it to the public? And what made you open it to the public?

Yes of course, I’d been doing it for years and had banked tens of thousands of pounds doing it myself.

I decided to make the Bonus Bagging product to make things easier for people. Instead of reading complicated poorly written guides and using clunky calculators to work out the bets for yourself, I email you the exact bets to place. That includes the bookmaker to register with, the amount to deposit, which bets to place and the stakes so you lock in risk free profits.

The product has probably been one of the most successful betting products ever released!

Do you need a lot of money up front to begin making money with Bonus Bagging? 

With a bit of patience you could start with £50 but it would be slow building up the funds.

If you can invest a bit more roughly £300 then you will really be able to hit this hard and bank profits quickly. You could have several deals on the go at the same time without needing to wait for bets to settled.
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And how much does the average user make?

That will be different for each user depending how much they do. But a Bonus Bagging user could expect to make £500 – £1000 doing the new account offers.

If they decided to take things further and attempt the on going bookmaker & casino offers then you can earn a lot more. The upper ceiling would be £2000 a month.

The amount you earn will be correlated to the amount of effort put in. But overall the hourly reward can be fantastic and better than most well paid jobs.

Do you have any incredible success stories, both personally and from your users?

Yes I have hundreds of testimonials scattered across the internet! But I’ll share some of the most recent ones of the Profit Maximiser Facebook group. Obviously these are exceptional results and not typical, but it shows what can be achieved when you really take action.

Do you have any final words of advice for people looking to make a side income from betting?

Yes don’t make things complicated looking for winning betting systems, remember 98% of gamblers lose money.

Keep it simple, low risk and bag the offers instead. The bookmakers are literally giving you money in the hope you will carry betting with your own hard earned. I’ve been doing this for well over 10 years & have made a great 2nd income (probably better than most peoples main income).

I’ve never had a losing month and probably never will! You literally can’t fail to make money that way and get rewarded for your time.
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  1. The question I have always wanted to ask Mike is how he has avoided being gubbed – excluded – by a majority of the bookies. With companies like Betway and Winner and Betbright, I haredly placed a couple of bets before I was excluded, and I rarely stake more than £10. The only bookie where I have a surviving BOG account is Bet365, bless them. And I am totally ‘straight’ in my wagering with them.

    • You won’t avoid the gubbins, Matched bettor or straight punter.
      If you show the slightest bit of sense you’re gone.
      I’m on my third set of accounts just hanging on to 2 of them.
      Most of my betting is in shop or exchange now,which in some cases isn’t so profitable,but still profitable. Hope this helps

  2. Your knowledge learn more , your earning more but your money spend more, your earning not any more. Most of people lived in success within their clearance of mind definition.

  3. Bonus bagging has had its day.
    With spy software bookies download on your computer, it wont take long before they close accounts down when theyre aware of what your doing.
    My opinion is to stay well clear of any kind of bonus bagging.


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