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An Interview With Betting Gods Founder, Darren Moore

An Interview With Betting Gods Founder, Darren Moore

Who are you?

I’m Darren Moore, co-founder and company director of Betting Gods Malta Ltd which, since July 2017, has owned the brand, site and assets. A brand founded originally in the UK by myself back in late 2013.
I’m also a company director of Geeky Bonus Malta Ltd which owns several other brands including , , to name just two.

What is Betting Gods? is one of Europe’s leading providers of professional sports betting advice. When the brand originally launched back in 2014 it mainly specialised in horse racing but has since expanded to a vast range of sports such as football, golf, tennis, greyhound Racing and most recently to sports that are rising in popularity such as basketball and boxing.

Why did you create the Betting Gods network?

As a former professional gambler myself, who learned the hard way about discipline and bank management, I know just how tough it actually can be to get an edge over the bookies. Although I worked in the industry in slightly different roles before the launch of I identified a need for an open trustworthy source of professional betting advice that would enable ordinary members of the betting public to start see their bookie balances grow rather than being wiped out over and over each month.

What makes Betting Gods different to other networks?

It goes without saying that my answers are slightly biased but we take great pride in transparency of results. We publish every single result, good or bad, and those results are openly and publicly viewable on our website. We also actively seek out the opportunity to be listed on review sites. We are open to and respond to criticism (this is how the members area was born, why the app was created, and why the content type published on our blog has changed over the years).

We pride ourselves on giving the highest possible level of customer service, affordable trials of all tipsters, and we put all of our tipsters through a rigorous minimum 16-week proofing process before launch. This covers not only the profit of the tipster but his or her timeliness, professionalism and attitude to his or her discipline as a potential professional sports betting tipster.

How can punters trust Betting Gods?

I’ve touched on this slightly with the mention of review sites. Simply stick ‘Betting Gods review’ into Google and you’ll find hundreds of real, independent reviews of the Betting Gods platform.

We don’t hide away. Our address, where I’m writing this right now, is on every email, and clearly visible on our website. We’ve also been published in various items of press; online, offline (print) and on TV.

How do you find your tipsters?

We find that potential tipsters come to us. This is when they will begin their 16-week (minimum) proofing process with Jay, our tipster recruitment manager who assesses them on consistency, profitability, timeliness and several other aspects that we believe it takes to become a true Betting God.

Finally, do you have any final words of advice for punters?

Yes, if you’re going to follow a tipster:

1 –  Setup a betting bank and stick to it
2 – Following the tipsters advice regarding staking – no ‘lucky’ accumulators, or missing a bet because the jockey shares the name of that idiot who once reversed into your car.

Essentially what I’m saying is discipline: If you’re following a tipster, take his or her advice to the letter.

If you have any questions for Darren, then drop them into the comments section below and he’ll respond directly to you:

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