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An Interview With Arvind – Pro Basketball Tipster

An Interview With Arvind – Pro Basketball Tipster

Hi Arvind, thanks for taking part in this interview. Could you please just introduce yourself; who you are what you do at Betting Gods, plus in terms of your betting career/background.

My name is Arvind Pratap Singh. I am from India where I have worked for a local magazine for a few years as a sports journalist. I used to give the Weekly Report on the NBA along with several other sports leagues like EPL, LA-Liga, all the Tennis grandslam tournaments and of course Cricket. On Betting Gods I am providing services related to basketball, known as APS Basketball Tips.

As you mentioned, you’re known for basketball betting here at Betting Gods. What first attracted you to basketball and how long have you been betting on the sport?

As I mentioned, I worked in a local Hindi sports magazine. I have understood basketball very closely. Indeed, in those days, I had to write articles on the NBA every week, where I tried to write an analysis of a team every week for my readers. In this way my interest was highly focused. Understanding different players ‘playing methods, testing teams’ balance, finding their vulnerabilities, etc. was my daily work so that better articles could be written. Surely I emerged as a better sports analyst.
Since 2013 I have stepped into this betting industry. Since I had a good sense of football, tennis, basketball and cricket, I had enough knowledge to put into betting on all these games.
In the meantime, I realised that in terms of betting, basketball is a safer game than football and most other sports. If you keep a good hold on some facts, you can easily catch the winning selections. From there on, basketball became my favourite sport in betting world.

You’re clearly successful betting on basketball, what attracted you to selling subscriptions to access your selections?

First of all I would like to say that in reality, a better sports analyst (tipster) will be the one who has the ability to beat high odds. He can do this only when he has a good understanding of the game.
I always like to play above 1.80. Also I try to maintain a good winning streak as long as possible. Yes, we do have bad days, some teams do better than expected and give us surprises. But still I have been able to maintain consistency with good odds so far.
Obviously subscribers rightfully expect to see a good return. I do my best to fulfil this hope. I just hope my subscribers keep betting on my selections even if I fail on any of the day. Don’t lose your patience. Believe me , you will always finish your month in healthy profit. Patience and discipline is the most important thing in betting.

Do you have a certain selection process or routine when researching bets?

There is much study and research behind my selections. I have to keep updated from all basketball affairs like tracking the fitness of the players, keep an eye on their form, strategies, statistics etc. Overall the effort is to send the best selections. I always back those events with whom I feel safe and confident. Also I try my best to make selections on sustainable odds from bookmakers. I urge to all my subscribers that as soon as they receive the selections, bet them. Because the odds can be dropped very soon and at any time.

Beyond basketball do you have an interest in any other sports?

Yeah, I like football, Tennis & Cricket. In my country people are mad for Cricket. I too like it, a very entertaining sport. Cricket is the most exciting sports for in-play betting if you have the passion for it. In football, Man Utd is my favourite club. In Tennis I always love to see Roger Federer’s matches.
Overall though I can say sport is very important part of my life.

What is your top tip for success when betting?

The most important thing is your betting money management. I would like to say that all of you think seriously about this. Always learn to keep part of the winning in savings, never give up your entire winnings to the next event. Always start the month with small, realistically affordable amounts.
If you hired a Tipster to support your betting passion, try to understand his style via statistics. First of all get confidence with his results, it means if your tipster hits the targets successfully or loses very closely via any unexpected result, then you can still trust him to come good.
Also restrict yourselves; do not chase losses, and never have a high volume of bets per day. I think 10 bets per day is enough. Because as a Tipster I never find more than 10 events which can be treated as a safe bets of the day.

Finally, please tell us something about yourself.

Well, I would just like to highlight say that I follow all my tips live, I bet the same bets as you and follow all the games live as they happen so that I can examine its success (as well as failure) that really can be helpful in further selections for me. So I am constantly learning with every match to give you the best service possible.

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