Ibrahimovic Signs As Bethard Move In A New Direction

Last Updated: October 17, 2018

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People were talking, speculation was everywhere – had Zlatan really signed a deal with a betting company? Not only would it be the first time ever that Zlatan ventures in to the world of iGaming, but it would also be in breach of his then current commitment with Manchester United. It is strictly prohibited by the FA for any player in the Premier League to be directly involved with a betting company.

Shortly after these rumours started surfacing, they were denied and passed off as pure speculation. Fuel was again added to the fire however, when it became official that he’d suddenly ended his contract with Manchester United and completed his seemingly inevitable move to MLS and the LA Galaxy.
Ibrahimovic signs as Bethard move in a new direction 1

The Californian club recently confirmed that they’ve been working for years on bringing Zlatan over and even David Beckam has played a big part in the process.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s move away from European football means that the doors are wide open for other ventures, such as building his career once he hangs up his boots for good.

So why Bethard? Surely Zlatan has had a ton of offers from brands much bigger than their Swedish counterpart. In an interview with Bethard CEO, Erik Skarp, he said that Zlatan shares the Bethard values, that winners dare more! “Zlatan is not just a poster boy. He will only commit to something that he can stand behind fully. It’s not about the money!”

In Bethard’s brand-new TV commercial, Zlatan joins long-time Bethard ambassador Dragomir Mrsic. A video with a good portion of humor in it, mixed with the classic hard Bethard style. This turns out to be a conscious change in company’s direction. The Swedish founded company feel that they have somewhat harmed their image by being a bit too hard at times and this video is the start of a new journey, in a different direction.

It’s not clear exactly what Zlatan is paid, but he’s entering the company as part owner and Bethard believes that it’s up to them to inspire the Swede to get more involved in the years to come. They’re hoping that Zlatan will be involved in lots more than just TV and online ads and by giving him a piece of the company itself, all the pieces are in place to make this a long-term collaboration.

One thing’s for certain – this signing speaks volumes of Bethard as a brand and we’re eagerly waiting for what’s in store next!
Ibrahimovic signs as Bethard move in a new direction

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