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Posted October 11, 2017

By Darren @ Betting Gods

Responsible Gambling Week takes place in UK from 12th to 18th October 2017 so if you’re concerned about your gambling habits, routines or simply want to explore some advice on how to remain responsible we’ve shared some tips below:

Bet What You Can Afford To Lose
Gamble only with money you can afford to lose (see betting bank advice here), never with money you need for bills, rent, etc.

Set Limits
Whether it’s a day at the races or a few ‘fun bets’ with mates watching the footy it’s easy to get lost in the excitement. Set time limits for betting or a budget that you will not go over.

Never Chase Losses
If you lose money on a bet don’t try to win it back on more bets. Chasing losses is dangerous and a vicious circle.
In an ideal world you should quit while ahead.

Never Bet When Emotional
Decision making can be a difficult enough task with day to day life but if you’re upset, feeling down or even medically depress we strongly advise you to avoid betting.
Risking money requires a clear head and a positive attitude.

Share Gambling With Other Hobbies
Of course gambling can be fun when professionally managed but really shouldn’t be your only past-time. If betting online on the afternoon football or racing do take time to get out of the house and of course don’t devote all your spare time to betting.

Drugs / Drink and Gambling Don’t Mix
Drugs and drinks are never good for you at any time as they cloud your judgement and can significantly change your risk perception and attitudes. As such never combine drugs, drink and gambling. This can be applies to prescription drugs also that can have strong side effects.

If you are concerned about your gambling habits then we actively encourage you to visit BeGambleAwareGamCare or Gambling Therapy for support and advice.

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    I only bet small sums if l win abit I still only put my £3 to£5 on thanks for your tips but why do all the tipsters used Clickbank please

    • Darren @ Betting Gods
      Darren @ Betting Gods

      Hi Peter,

      We use Clickbank as a payment processing company as they handle over 200million payments worldwide across 190 countries.
      They are also very efficient at managing subscriptions for us in terms of the varying tax rates around the world, easy refunds, and have the highest level of compliance standards within the card payment industry (Level 1 PCI DSS)


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