How Brexit Could Damage Irish Horseracing

Posted December 6, 2017

By Jimena @ Betting Gods

Ireland’s horseracing business depends on historical longstanding treaties between Ireland and the UK where it’s been agreed the tariff-free traffic back and forward of thousands of horses every year, to be more exact about 10,000 racehorses travel between Britain and Ireland each year.

However, Britain’s choice to leave the European Union could change the situation of the named agreements.

Its been stressful days for Ireland, and its understandable as the horse racing business sector its worth more than 1.8 billion euros to the economy, and supports almost 30,000 jobs, a change in the agreement could damage the earning considerably.

“It is a huge employer in the countryside, so anything that damages it is something to be really worried about,”

“Bigger operations might move and sell under the British banner, but it is the smaller operations and people employed in the countryside who are going to get hurt by this.”

said Harry McCalmont, whose Norelands Stud is a prominent middle market breeder.

Let alone for the Europe’s largest producer of thoroughbreds, 65% per cent of racehorses bred in Ireland are exported, 80% cent of them to the UK. This means, Ireland depends on UK more than UK in Ireland in the horseracing business.

How can this damage the Horseracing business?

Once the UK leaves the European Union single market and customs union, horses would need to get passports for mayor controls and delays at the border with checking points.

Which will push Irish horses to be sold just in Ireland and British horses be sold in the UK, even tho they don’t produce enough horses, the amount t of horses Ireland bread every year is by far bigger than the British.


Ireland is at high risk, not only in horse racing business, but in a lot more sectors, as neighbour of UK, the Irish are going to be the first ones to feel the impact of Brexit.

The loss of jobs in the country side could damage the whole economy, people moving to big cities, and rent going up, unemployment, and more. A domino effect could harm Ireland economy if they don’t agree on a fair trade.

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