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Guide To Betting On Darts
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Guide To Betting On Darts

Although we do not provide a dedicated darts tipster at Betting Gods, that doesn’t mean we can’t provide a guide on how to bet on darts since it has seen a sudden rise of popularity across the United Kingdom and Europe. We will outline everything you need to know about the sport, including tips on how to generate a profit from your bets.

Darts used to be an activity that was only played down at the pub, with a pint of lager in one hand, and a dart in another. We started to see darts being broadcast on our televisions, with the introduction of darts tournaments; it had quickly become a massive part in our culture. Back then however, it wasn’t popular at all, and had quickly started to face heat from the public due to players and their drinking habits. Then we had the split in darts, which saw Matchroom Sports founder, Barry Hearn, takeover and reorganised the sport in a way that nobody could have possibly imagined. We now have more darts tournaments around the world than we’ve ever had before, featuring more competitive players at the top, and the major events being bigger than ever! This has meant that Bookmakers have been able to offer a wide range of markets on darts due to the rise in popularity.

So, What Tournaments Are There To Bet On?

As mentioned above, there are many tournaments played in the sport of darts in today’s age, but the major events are the ones that brings more interest to the punters, and wider audience. Luckily, every major event is held in the UK and Ireland, these include:

World Darts Championship – Played in Dec/Jan

The Masters – Played in Jan

UK Open – Played in March

Premier League of Darts – Played from Feb – May

World Matchplay – Played in July

Champions League of Darts – Played in Sep

World Grand Prix – Played in Oct

World Series of Darts – Played in Nov

Grand Slam of Darts – Played in Nov

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Players Championship Finals – Played in Nov

There’s rarely a time where there isn’t a tournament taking part, as there are many less prolific tournaments around the world that are played too. You are now able to stream such events via various bookmaker sites online, after you’ve placed a bet of course.

Key Markets To Bet On

Most 180’s – This is as simple as it sounds. This market is where you bet on the player who will get the most 180’s in a game our tournament. There are some healthy profits to be made with this market, as this market isn’t directly related to the outright winner of the game. Identifying the scoring habits of all the players is recommended, as many of the less prolific players can still get a high amount of 180’s in a game.

Also, if the game is massively one sided, and features one of the better players, then it would be wise to back them to get the Most 180’s and the Outright Win of the game to boost your profits.

Handicap Bets – Most tournaments are basically races to the finish line, with the player who wins a particular amount of legs being declared the winner, or in other tournaments being awarded the set.

Handicaps bets are for those who want to back their favourite to win over a particular amount of legs or sets, in order to generate a higher profit. If you think that the outsider will have no chance, then choose the ‘minus’ (legs or sets) market, but if you think the outsider can make it a very close game then go for the ‘plus’ (legs or sets) market.

Keep in mind that upsets can happen, but being aware of the tournament format is important, as some players prefer shorter games, whereas others prefer the longer games.

Tournament winner – This is where you pick the winner of the tournament, easy? Well quite any more, as the competition at the top is extremely tough now due to the amount of world class players.

There are however still a group of players who enter the tournament as massive favourites, who normally find it easy getting to the semi-finals, and then battle each other for the title. We recommend you pick 4 players to win the tournament, making sure the odds match up, so you win profit despite who wins. Make sure you pick two in one half of the draw, and the other two in the other half, so your players will most likely not face each other early on.

Nine darter, yes or no? – This is where you bet on whether or not you think either of the two players will score a 9 darter in the game or not. A 9 darter is when you win a leg having only thrown 9 darts, which a perfect outcome. It is however incredibly rare for a nine darter to be achieved, and they can happen at any time.

If betting on this market, we recommend you consider the format, and the players who are facing each other. If it is a Final and there are over 20 legs being played, with two of the best players in the world, then a 9 darter is worth the stake, as they can be priced as high as 25/1 sometimes.

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